So it’s the moment you have all been waiting for – the hen do, but how can you turn such a traditionally tacky night out into a classy weekend with your closest girlfriends? It’s easy! How the weekend pans out depends on how you choose to fill your time; choosing from our selection of unique hen party activities, you can make this a weekend to remember – and for all the right reasons at that!

Forget about your standard weekend away in Vegas for a moment, and indulge yourselves in some of the UK’s classiest hen do ideas and activities:


Champagne tasting is the one excuse to drink in the morning, not to mention is adds a classy touch to the usual tacky hen party. Even the most expert wine drinkers will get to push their palette tasting to the limits, sampling Cava, Prosecco and more champagne than you can think off. This lesson in the exquisite art of wine making will allow you to experience the finer things in life as you let the bottles pop and the bubbles fizz. Our cocktail mixer and wine specialists will go through the history, origins and interesting facts of each of the three individual champagnes, giving you the in-depth knowledge as to why each is unique and special in their own way. This is the perfect activity for all you aspiring connoisseurs.


If you have ever needed the excuse to admire the naked body, then this is it. A great way to start of your hen weekend, these life drawing classes are nothing like back in your school days. Now is the time to get involved in one of the UK’s best life drawing classes, where you will be taught by an experienced tutor. Learn about the art of drawing a nude body as a model stands, sits or lays right in front of you – in all their glory. You’ll need to call upon your artistic skills to impress in this classic hen party activity. We will bring you only the most attractive models from around the city. But it doesn’t just end there. You may even get the opportunity to hang out with your model afterwards, while you let the drinks flow.


When it comes to delicious alcoholic drinks, people usually fall into one of two categories; those who are good at drinking them, and those who are good at making them! This fun, exciting cocktail mixing class gives you and the girls the opportunity to become experts in everything cocktails! Not only will you learn all the amazing history of cocktails and spirits, you’ll get to pick the brains of some incredibly talented bar tenders. They will use their mesmerising skills to make perfect samples of different cocktails for you, then show you all of their hidden secrets! This is the perfect activity to set you up for a night out on the town!


If you’re a chocolate lover (well, who isn’t?), this indulgent chocolate making session will make a delicious start to your hen night. In this particular activity an experienced chocolatier will teach you how to taste chocolate (and yes, there is a certain way to do), take you through the history of chocolate, as well as helping you discover the art of creating some beautifully hand-crafted sweet treats. These can then be eaten right there and then or beautifully packaged and taken home for you to show off to friends and family.


For more of an active and slightly competitive start to your classic hen weekend, an epic dance class or two are just the thing. Get yourself in the mood for a party with some good old fashioned high kicking Moulin Rouge style fun. There are some fabulously colourful outfits that are provided as part of the package, which will really put you in the mood for fun, giggles and lots of laughs. Not only will our dance classes allow you to bring out your inner dancer, they give you a chance to learn some glamorous 1950’s style cabaret routines. You will learn a variety of basic moves, tricks and routines that will come together in a full chorus line performance at the end of the session. This class is energetic, fun packed and perfect for all you aspiring dancers. The dance classes make excellent photo opportunities, so don’t forget to bring your cameras! 

Nothing quite beats a classy hen party weekend.

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