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As a best man, your job is to organise the Stag Weekend, so when the groom to be says something along the lines of… “I want my stag weekend to be different to everyone elses.” the pressure it on.

Panic flashes through your mind, how are you going to make a stag weekend different?

There are stag weekend essentials that you must include in order to have a successful weekend, it should involve bars, clubs, activities and plenty of eye candy – so you need to pick somewhere that has all of these things available, while also choosing a unique location without compromising on the content of the weekend. But just a unique destination isn’t nearly enough, you’re going to need to pick a unique activity.

We’ve all enjoyed many sessions of paintball, go-karting, quad biking etc. at a multitude of stag do's in the past – but if your Stag wants something a bit different, it can often be hard to find.

Here are a few ideas…


Bobsledding is great for group bonding as you combine to take on some seriously fast twists and turns on a bobsled course. It will soon conjure up memories of the film Cool Runnings! In sophisticated, state of the art bobsleds, expect to travel at great speeds. Get ready, thrill seekers!


We have instructors on hand to help you master coastering, which basically involves climbing up and jumping off a range of coasts and cliffs, before swimming in the water below. This stag activity isn’t for the faint-hearted but the real thrill of taking the leap will be remembered for years to come.


High Rope Adventures

Our amazing high ropes course offers various adventure circuits featuring the highest of zip lines and over 50 challenges for the truly adventurous thrill seekers amongst your stag party. With full safety equipment offered as standard and a comprehensive briefing, you will be certified as a real action hero if you manage to complete our challenging course.

Mountain Biking

Combining the sports of skateboarding and surfing, Mountain Biking is pretty adrenaline pumping. On a purpose built course, our instructors will teach you the basics and allow you to experiment on some specific areas with lots of bumps and jumps along the way.

Shark Fishing

This will be the best fishing trip you’ve ever participated in. Swap the usual fish for shark of all varieties. Expert fishermen will accompany you on a powerful boat and instruct you in understanding how you can capture them.

Ski and Snowboard

The professional instructors help you perfect your skills on the slopes and learn to ski or snowboard in style or just get some practice in if you’ve already perfected your skills! They teach you a whole range of tips and techniques for you to show off to the lads.

Wind Tunnel-Indoor Sky Diving

A truly thrilling activity, sky diving within a wind tunnel enables you to be held up by a powerful stream of air propelled by a giant fan. It puts a new meaning to feeling the wind on your face, that’s for sure. The air stream that launches you into the air and leaves you feeling thrilled as though you are falling through the air.

If any of our ideas have intrigued you tell us in the form below, or if you have some unique ideas of your own, let us know, we would love more ideas for unique stag weekends.