There's plenty to see and do during a special stag weekend in Edinburgh and so much to experience. We have put together a list of our favourite stag activities.

Hover Crafting

Hover Crafting

Hovercrafts are a new activity that we are really enjoying at the moment, they are fun, interesting and surprisingly fast experience, we know it is perfect for a stag weekend. Most hovercrafts can travel up to 40mph thanks to their robust engines, they are a unique option for your stag weekend in Edinburgh, and an exciting one.

Go Karting

You can't beat go karting for one of the most fun and competitive activities you can enjoy on a stag weekend in Edinburgh. No wonder it's such a favourite. Get ready for a white knuckle ride with your group's very own Grand Prix race in Edinburgh.


ArcheryArchery takes real skill and focus, precision and discipline, learn how to pull and accurate shot at a target with the professionals. Join in with target shooting and let experienced archers give you some tips on how to improve accuracy, turn the activity into a game and see who is the best aim out of your stag group.

Rage Buggy

Go Karts are for beginners and rage buggies are the beasts that come after. Get ready for some speedy and adventurous laps on our purpose built course. Expect to get dirty, they are renown for eating the dirt and with the track in Edinburgh, you'll be doing just that.


There are some good reasons why paintballing in Edinburgh is an incredibly popular stag break activity. Running around shooting paint pellets at the competition soon gets the adrenaline pimping and really brings out the competitive spirit in any stag party.

Distillery Tour

Tour the distillery production area and learn the art of whiskey production. Fun for those really interested in Whiskey, but for those who aren't, finish off the tour with a tasting session, you'll be welcomed into the bar for a tasting and bonding with the lads.

Stag weekends in Edinburgh are amazing, there is so much to do here and the club culture is thriving, for a weekend packed with stag activities and a night out with the lads, Edinburgh is a great idea. For hen booking and organising your stag weekend call us on 0800 210 0643, we have discounted rates with suppliers and can offer you activities at low rates for your stag weekend in Edinburgh and around Europe.