Mens in the Club

It’s almost here, the stag weekend. You are buzzing and cannot wait to get out there and party. You have organised everything, the transport is covered, the hotel is booked, the VIP tickets are sorted and your activity at the ready, but there are some finishing touches to smooth off the edges, to make the stag weekend perfect.

Your weekend survival items, water being the main one, getting legless with no water available will not only lead to a man down but likely to a man taken advantage of, so, if you don’t want that to be you, basic survival items are essential.

For the best man, one of your main priorities is for the lads and the groom to be especially to have an unforgettable night, so, if you find yourself waiting too long for transport or you just want to spice up the night, a pack of cares or some good dares could be what saves the night. And of course your phone as pictures can create memories that you will never forget.

Coffee / Red Bull

This one is not in the ‘hangover cures’ we mentioned earlier, these items are what are going to keep you awake while everyone else doses off, because, as we all know, the first lad to sleep gets it. And that is not going to be you this time! You’ve came prepared. A coffee or a Redbull should give you that extra boost and help you stay up long after your mates a fell asleep, and if you have friends like mine, you’re going to need it. Stag Weekends are most infamously known for outrageous pranks, the coffee and red bull are what ensures your safety on the stag weekend.

Bank Cards and Cash

Having both cash and a bankcard is ideal, and I will tell you why. The chances are someone in your stag party will end up losing something, so by having access to either your bank or some cash will ease the pain when you lose one of these sources. I know plenty of people who have lost their cash on a night out and have forgotten their bankcard. Bringing both, and in different places ensures you won’t be stuck without a paddle.

Wet wipes

To help the hangovers on your weekend, which everybody will experience at some point, we recommend wet wipes. You may laugh but let me assure you, when a man is so hungover he can’t get out of bed, a wet wipe becomes a shower in a tissue. Not only that, it becomes a godsend and one that will assist in making said man feel a bit more dignified.

Pain Killers

Your motor skill won’t be the only thing suffering in the morning, providing you drank the water provided, your headache shouldn’t be that bad, but in case of emergencies ‘break’ open the seal of those pain killers and let’s get those weekend activities on the go. After all a stag weekend isn’t complete without a lads day out, paintballing or quad biking.

And of course a spade to dig you and the lads out of all of that trouble you are undoubtedly going to get yourselves stick in. Hope this helped!

If you are stuck organising your stag weekend, and finding it a little difficult and stressful, let us help, we can find great activities at amazing prices and of course all of our recommendations come from years of experience.