Your 'last night of freedom' is approaching, and while you won't be chained up, there are things that will be off limits once you are married. So, of course there are some ideas that you might want to indulge in before your passage into marriage...

Forbidden Nights

Some of the forbidden activities that we recommend for you last night without the premise of responsibility are listed below:

Forbidden Nights

So let's begin with the actual live show 'Forbidden Nights' -  after this live show you may need to get your heart rate back to normal and have perhaps taken a cold shower. How would you like tickets to see the Forbidden boys in the flesh? The show includes everything from fire breathing to death defying acrobatics and perhaps even the odd sing-song (and of course some semi-naked hunks).

Cheeky Butler

Swoon over a semi-naked handsome butler who will wait on you and the girls hand and foot! There to attend to your every need (okay, not quite every need!), the cheeky butlers will travel throughout the UK to the venue of your choice to serve you drinks, chat to you, and pose for pictures. They can be arranged to visit your rented cottage and make you cocktails, hosting some hen party games for you, or alternatively, they could turn up at a restaurant and serve you champagne! Whatever you decide you want your cheeky butler to do, the girls will be giggling about it for years to come!

Naked Chef

Wanting something different for your Dublin hen party? Then book a Naked Chef experience! In this package you will enjoy seeing the naked Italian cooking up a storm as he gives you hints and tips passed down by his grandmother. Alternatively you can sit back and relax with a glass of wine while he does all the work! The venue can be your place or a luxury apartment in Dublin. You will be served by the Naked Chef a starter, main course, dessert and glass of wine.


If you're looking for even more entertainment than this buzzing city can provide, then perhaps you might need a male stripper club to turn the heat up a notch!

I think these forbidden activities have a theme, don't you? Naked-ness has defiantly been the theme and of course, you should get it out of your system before you vow to only look at your grooms.

For a night that will be forbidden and off limits in your very near future, let us help.