INTRoduction to Budapest

Budapest is a real gem of a city, with its medieval streets and monuments, the majestic Buda Hills to the west, and the vast Great Plain to the east. Its two sides, Buda and Pest, represent the different characteristics of the city, with Buda being the historical part where you’ll find museums, caves and Roman ruins, and Pest boasting the largest Parliament building in Europe, alongside flea markets, antique stores and quirky cafes. Free of its communist shackles, Budapest is nowadays a progressive, party-loving city, making it a great choice for hen and stag weekends and budget-friendly holidays. Read on for advice on where to eat, drink, shop and party in Budapest, and how to make the most of your time here.

Budapest BY DAY


Buda Castle

Buda Castle, otherwise known as the Royal Palace, overlooks the city from its position atop Castle Hill, forty-eight metres above the Danube. Its tumultuous history reflects Hungary’s ups and downs and it has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Budapest. Indulge your cultural side with a guided tour of the castle and a visit to its two museums - the National Gallery and Budapest History Museum. The castle also plays host to several festivals, including an international wine festival, a beer festival and a folk art festival, so be sure to see whether any of those are taking place during your trip. Admission to the castle itself is free, and festivals can usually be visited with a day ticket, but in order to enter the museums, you’ll have to pay an entry fee.

Address: Szent György tér 2, 1014
Contact: +36 1 458 3000 /
Opening times: National Gallery 10am - 6pm Tuesday to Sunday. Budapest History Museum 10am - 6pm Tuesday to Sunday 

Fisherman's Bastion


Another popular attraction is the Fisherman’s Bastion, a sort of neo-Gothic masquerade, which functions as an ornate viewing platform for the city. It was built in the 19th century on an old rampart that used to be defended by fishermen (hence the name) and offers what are undoubtedly the best panoramic views in Budapest. There is a fee to enter the lookout right at the top of Fishermen’s Bastion, but you can still access the lower level for free, where the sights are just as spectacular. Just in front, you’ll find a statue of St. Stephen, the first Christian king of Hungary, on his horse, which is also worth having a look at.
Address: Szentháromság tér, 1014
Contact: +36 1 458 3030 /
Opening times: 9am - 11pm daily

Margaret Island

With its large green spaces, promenades, picnic areas and abundance of flowers and trees, Margaret Island is the perfect place to go to escape from Budapest’s hectic city centre. Its thermal water is said to have healing effects, so why not treat yourself to a day at the Danubias Health Spa, a great place to relax and unwind. Walking the length of the island takes just twenty minutes, but most people also choose to spend time at the Palatinus Water Park, which consists of eleven outdoor pools, or rent bikes and go for a cycle ride. Other attractions on the island include the Centennial Memorial, a Japanese Garden and a small zoo. Planning a trip here over the summer? Then you might be able to catch a play or concert at the outdoor theatre too. 

Address: Margitsziget, 1138

Memento Park

Memento Park, a Communist-themed outdoor museum, is home to forty statues, busts and plaques, which act as a reminder of the fall of tyranny. In terms of things to do and see, there’s the Statue Park, possibly the best-known attraction, Stalin’s Boots, which are all that are left after a crowd pulled the statue down from its plinth and the Northern Barrack, where you’ll find temporary exhibitions, photo collections and a documentary film with rare footage of secret agents collecting information on subversives. Located 10km southwest of the City Centre, you’ll have to take a metro and bus in order to get here but even if you’re only faintly interested in the country’s history, I can guarantee you’ll find the trip worthwhile. 

Address: Szabadkai utca sarok, 1223
Contact: +36 1 424 7500 /
Opening times: 10am - 6pm daily

Szechenyi Spa Baths

You couldn’t visit Budapest without paying a trip to one of its many famous spas and Szechenyi Spa Baths is a fine choice, as it’s one of the largest spa complexes in Europe. Created in 1913, this Neo-baroque palace was further expanded in 1927, with a public bathing department for men and women and further transformations took place during the 1960s, such as the inauguration of a thermal section and physiotherapy department. Relax and soak up the healing waters of the medicinal bath, or swim a few laps in the vast swimming pool. Throughout the summer months, the Szechenyi Spa Baths hosts a popular night called Szecska, where pool parties are accompanied by club music and the venue stays open till 3am.

Address: Állatkerti krt. 9-11, 1146
Contact: +36 1 363 3210 /
Opening times: 6am - 10pm daily(except on Szecska nights)

Palvolgyi Cave

Often referred to as the city of spas, Budapest could just as easily be known as the city of caves, as there are approximately 200 of them and they were formed by the same springs that supply the thermal baths today. Palvolgyi Cave is the longest in the Buda Hills, exceeding 13 kilometres, making it one of the most significant. Rich in dripstone, it’s been a highly protected natural preservation area since 1944, but you can explore the cave as part of a guided tour, which lasts just under an hour. The temperature can fall as low as 8 degrees Celsius, so be sure to bring warm clothing if you choose to do this, and don’t forget your hiking boots. For the truly adventurous types, it is also possible to visit undeveloped parts of the cave with a caving tour.

Address: Szépvölgyi út 162, 1025
Phone number: +36-1-325-9505 /
Opening times: 10am - 4pm Tuesday to Sunday 


If you’re looking for a simple yet classy establishment to try a variety of wines and classic Hungarian dishes then you should definitely give Borbíróság a try. They have just under a hundred different wines on the menu, with every wine region in Hungary being represented, so it’s also a great place to come for a refreshing afternoon spritzer. All of the dishes are made using fresh ingredients from the Great Market Hall located just in front of the restaurant and they taste pretty damn good (especially the duck burger!) The large outdoor terrace is a lovely spot to eat on sunny days but it gets pretty busy here, so be sure to reserve your table well in advance. 

Address: Csarnok tér 5, 1093
Contact: +36 1 219 0902
Opening times: Midday - 11.30pm Monday to Saturday

Borkonyha, which translates into English as ‘wine kitchen’ is a blend of French-style bistro and high-end Hungarian cuisine which can be accompanied by one of 200 wines. Yet although this Michelin-starred restaurant is best known for its extensive wine list, which includes wine from yet-to-be-discovered cellars as well as famous ones, it also has a great reputation for food and service. On the menu, you’ll find some of the finest and most creative dishes in Hungary, such as their signature sauteed foie-gras appetizer wrapped in strudel dough, and Hungarian heritage Mangalitsa pork. Compared to Budapest’s other two Michelin-starred restaurants, Borkonyha is much more casual and has gained a loyal following over the years, with locals and tourists alike eating there regularly.

Address: Sas u. 3, 1051.
Contact: +36 1 266 0835 /
Opening times: Midday - Midnight Monday to Saturday

Eat & Meet
Pop-up restaurant Eat & Meet provides visitors with genuine home-cooked Hungarian dishes, while enabling them to meet fellow travellers and learn all about Hungary’s gastronomy. It’s virtually the only one of its kind that targets tourists, yet offers a truly authentic experience, rather than just attracting hipster types. The restaurant operates in two locations: the family’s flat, set in idyllic surroundings overlooking the Danube, and in their vegetable garden just outside of the city, so which one they host visitors in rather depends on the weather. At both locations, you’ll have the chance to enjoy delicious food in a homely setting and interact with the chef and her family, which isn’t something many other restaurants can brag about.

Address: Danubius u. 14, 1138
Contact: +36 30 517 5180 /

Great Market Hall
The Great Market Hall (also known as the Central Market Hall) is a must-visit for any food lover coming to Budapest. With its cavernous interior and three levels of stalls, it is one of Europe’s finest markets and offers a wide range of food products including meat, cheese and vegetables. On the ground floor, you’ll find butchers, fresh fish stalls and various pickled items and on the first floor there is an array of cafes and bars. The second floor houses food courts serving ready-prepared food such as the delicious delicacy lángos, which is deep-fried flatbread with grated cheese and sour cream- mmm… The market also regularly holds country-themed food days, celebrating food from across the globe. 

Address: Vámház krt. 1-3, 1093
Contact: +36 1 366 3300
Opening times: 6am - 5pm Monday / 6am - 6pm Tuesday to Friday / 6am - 3am Saturday

Amongst the numerous trendy restaurants on Liszt Ferenc Square, you’ll find Menza, a vintage cafeteria whose mid-century styled rooms, with their olive green and orange surfaces and retro table settings, combine modern elegance with the relaxed atmosphere of Budapest’s old coffee bars. They have strived to keep the tradition of communal catering alive, which appears to be successful, as the place is always packed with diners who come to sample basic but beautifully cooked Hungarian classics. On the menu are several old-fashioned dishes, such as homemade chicken soup with dumplings, veal stew, braised steak and stuffed cabbage, which can be washed down with a refreshing glass of sour cherry soda. It’s definitely worth swinging by here in the afternoon for lunch, or just to enjoy a cocktail out on their gorgeous terrace.

Address: Liszt Ferenc tér 2, 1061
Contact: +36 1 413 1482 /
Opening times: 10am - Midnight daily

Onyx is a glamorous gourmet restaurant located in downtown Budapest, where a huge amount of time and energy has been put into researching regional ingredients to produce what they call their Hungarian Evolution Menu. It’s clearly paid off, as the food here is incredibly popular amongst Hungarian and international guests, which has led to the restaurant receiving a great deal of praise by the Hungarian press. The food isn’t the only impressive thing about this restaurant, however; service here is impeccable and there are roughly two hundred Hungarian and international wines to choose from, plus the decor is truly majestic, with crystal chandeliers and enormous floral motifs. As a result, Onyx was the second restaurant in the city to receive the prestigious Michelin star.

Address: Vörösmarty tér 7, 1051.
Contact: +36 30 508 0622 /
Opening times: Midday - 2.30pm and 6.30pm - 11pm Tuesday to Friday / 6.30pm - 11pm Saturday 


Váci Street

Váci Street is one of the country’s, if not the world’s, most attractive pedestrian shopping streets. Starting at Vörösmarty Square and leading right up to the Great Market Hall, it has a whole range of different shops selling everything from high-end fashion garments to jokey souvenirs. The northern part is the most interesting, with all its fashion boutiques, but it can get quite overcrowded with tourists. The southern part is quieter, older and generally less hectic. There are also many bars and cafes along the street, and small independent eateries that offer local cuisine on the alleys just off it. 

WestEnd City Centre

This giant, impressive-looking shopping complex is the largest in central Europe and has everything you could possibly want, with a whopping four hundred shops, a cinema, casino, ice-skating rink and hotel. Its striking architecture make it one of the most enjoyable places to shop and it’s also very conveniently located, being right next to the Nyugati Train Station. There are some great stores selling original and affordable clothing, as well as the big brands, and it even has a rooftop garden for when you get tired and fancy relaxing in the sunshine.

Address: Váci út 3, 1062
Contact: +36 1 238 7777 /
Opening times: 8am - 11pm daily

Grand Boulevard

The Grand Boulevard is one of the city’s main thoroughfares and the longest road in Budapest, running through five districts and bearing five different names of Habsburg queens and kings. Highlights include the antique shops on Falk Miksa Street, the second-hand stores and the tantalising cafes and confectionaries, but what makes this such an enjoyable shopping experience is all the beautiful buildings. Walking from one end of the boulevard to the other provides an interesting insight into Budapest and its recent past, so be sure to do some sightseeing while you’re here, rather than simply ducking in and out of shops.

Arena Plaza

As the biggest and most modern shopping centre in Hungary, Arena Plaza is extremely popular amongst young people, who come to browse the numerous famous fashion brands such as Zara, H&M, Mango and Lacoste. It also has several cheap restaurants, with all the major fast food chains being present, and a huge Tesco’s. However, perhaps the main draw of Arena Plaza is Cinema City, the 23-screen cinema complex complete with one of the region’s largest IMAX 3D screens, which stays open till 10.45pm every night of the week making this an attractive destination at night-time as well as during the day.

Address: Kerepesi út 9 11, 1087.
Contact: +36 1 880 7010 /
Opening times: Shops 10am - 9pm Monday to Saturday / 10am - 7pm Sunday. Restaurants 8am - Midnight daily. Cinema ticket office 9.30am - 10.30pm daily. 

Fashion Street

Fashion Street is, as you may have already guessed, a shopping street dedicated to world famous fashion brands, such as Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss, Max Mara and Hungarian designer brand Nanushka, a must for anyone looking to pick up unique garments that have been made in Budapest. Fashion aside, the street itself is a delight to walk down, with its ornamental cobblestones and lovely old buildings. Foodies should head to Vapiano for the finest in Italian cuisine and check out the wonderful Bistro & Deli, which sells freshly-roasted gourmet coffee and pastries.
Address: Deák Ferenc u. 15, 1052.
Contact: +36 1 235 2070
Opening times: 10am - 8pm Monday / 10am - 5pm Sunday 

Falk Miksa Street

Falk Miksa Street is the place to go if you’re a lover of art and antiques, for it is lined with galleries and stores selling graceful antique items, making it perfect for finding unique gifts and souvenirs. However, even if you have no interest in buying anything, it’s worth taking a stroll down here as the street itself is utterly charming, with its beautiful architecture and long rows of trees. During the spring period, Falk Miksa comes to life with the antique and modern art festival, Falk Art Forum, in which over fifty galleries participate, offering exhibitions, concerts and activities for kids. Don’t miss Virág Judit Gallery and Kieselbach Gallery, where auctions are also held all year round.

Budapest BY NIGHT


Szimpla Kert

Szimpla Kert, which translates as ‘simple garden’ is the original ruin bar in Budapest and still one of the most popular. With its mismatched furniture, graffiti and quirky bric-a-brac, it’s easy to see how this bar inspired a wave of equally edgy pop-up spaces across the city. As well as drinking beer and admiring the decor, you can sit in the old Trabant car in the garden, which doubles up as a table and chairs, watch open-air cinema and take part in acoustic jam sessions.

Address: Kazinczy u. 14, 1075
Contact: +36 20 261 8669 /
Opening times: Midday - 4am daily

Csendes Társ

Csendes Társ is an upmarket wine bar located just across from Károlyi Kert, a spacious park, where you can sit and sip a chilled glass of wine on the tables that the bar provide. The choice here is pretty incredible, with hundreds of wines on offer and simple, delicious dishes to accompany them. Why not try something a little different, such as the lollipop drink, a light sparkling red wine, or Furmint, a sweet and dry Hungarian white wine. On warm, sunny evenings, the atmosphere here is unbeatable, but try to come early as you’ll struggle to find a place to sit otherwise.

Address: Magyar u. 18, 1053.
Contact: +36 30 727 2100 /
Opening times: 10am - Midnight daily

Innio Borbár

This popular wine bar takes its name from “Inni jó!” meaning “drinking is good!” in Hungarian, and they certainly seem to believe that statement, as there are over three hundred bottles on their carefully curated wine list, which have been sourced from five continents. Innio Borbár is undoubtedly one of the classier establishments in Budapest, yet it’s not at all flashy and the atmosphere is very relaxed, making it a great place to go wine tasting with friends or as part of stag or hen night.

Address: Október 6. u. 9, 1051.
Contact: +36 70 311 1010 /
Opening times: Midday - Midnight Monday to Wednesday / Midday - 2am Thursday to Saturday

Café Bobek

Café Bobek owes its name to a communist bunny rabbit, created by a Czech cartoonist. It’s a cute and cosy little place in the heart of Budapest, serving a large selection of drinks for very reasonable prices, including a delicious Bailey’s coffee, which truly fits the pop-culture concept of the place. In the summer, pull up a pew in their welcoming, tree-filled garden, where occasional Jazz and Blues concerts are held.

Address: Kazinczy u. 53, 1070.
Contact: +36 1 322 0729
Opening times: 1pm - Midnight Monday to Thursday / 1pm - 2am Friday / 3pm - 2am Saturday

Paris Texas

Although it’s located on the rather pretentious Raday Avenue, Paris Texas is a down-to-earth bar, full of charm and character, with more of a coffeehouse feel to it. The place is filled with antiques, collectibles and old sepia-tinted photographs and there’s an extensive cocktail list, as well as the usual selection of spirits. I wouldn’t advise spending the whole night year, as it’ll certainly put a dent in your wallet, but it’s a good place to come for a drink before moving on another bar or club.

Address: Ráday u. 22, 1092.
Contact: +36 1 218 0570
Opening times: 1.30pm - 3pm daily

Oscar Cafe

This trendy American bar near the Castle District is a dominant player in Budapest’s nightlife. Based on a cinematic theme, Oscar Cafe is popular with the hip crowd of Budapest and the expats living in the city, who come here to relax at the end of the week. The bar’s walls are decked out with posters and stills of famous film stars, and in the corners you’ll find leather director’s chairs, but the main attraction has to be the cocktails, with a whopping two hundred varieties to choose from on the menu. There is also music most nights, ranging from modern club bangers, to hits of the 80’s.

Address: Ostrom u. 14, 1015.
Contact: +36 20 214 2525
Opening times: 5pm - 2am Monday to Wednesday / 5pm - 4am Thursday to Saturday 



A38 is considered by many to be the hottest club in Hungary and was once voted by Lonely Planet readers as the best in the world. Formerly a Ukranian carrier ship, built in 1938 (hence the name), it underwent reconstruction and re-emerged as an open-air club and live music venue. Once on board, you have the choice between three floors: the roof terrace, restaurant and lounge & club. Concerts are usually scheduled for Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, with artists playing everything from Reggae, to Hip Hop, to House.

Address: Petőfi híd.
Contact: +36 1 464 3940 /
Opening times: 11am - 4am Monday to Sunday (program dependent)


Ötkert is a large, informal club with DJs, live bands and an open-air dance floor just minutes from the Danube Promenade. Hugely popular amongst locals and tourists, thanks to its low drinks prices and non-existent entrance fee, Ötkert hosts exhibitions, concerts, acoustic evenings and DJ sets, meaning there’s something for everyone here. Its terrace overlooking St. Stephen’s Basilica gets especially busy in summer and on rainy days, they put a roof over it and provide hot air ventilation, so nothing can get in the way of an event’s success here. A selection of cocktails, beer and wine are available, as well as Pálinka, a special Hungarian brandy.

Address: Zrínyi u. 4, 1051
Contact: +36 70 330 8652 /
Opening times: Midday - Midnight Monday and Tuesday / Midday - 4am Wednesday and Thursday / Midday - 5am Friday and Saturday / Midday - Midnight Sunday

Akvárium Klub

Akvárium Klub is a club and cultural centre rolled into one, offering a range of diverse programs, from Rock concerts to dance lessons. Spread across three locations, there’s the Main Hall, where local and international bands perform, the Small Hall, which hosts parties, and the VOLT Music Bar, the place to meet and grab a few drinks to kickstart your night. The live concerts usually start at around 9pm and are followed by DJs, and there are regular club nights here throughout the week. Aquarium Klub’s outdoor terrace is everyone’s favourite spot in the summertime, when the place really comes to life.

Address: Erzsébet tér 12, 1051.
Contact: +36 30 860 3368 /
Opening times: 6pm - 2am Monday to Wednesday / 6pm - 5am Thursday to Saturday / 4pm - 2am Sunday


This unique underground club sits atop Corvin Department store at Blaha Lujza metro station. It’s quite hard to find and, once you’re there, you have to walk up what seems like an infinite number of steps to reach the club, but that only seems to add to its appeal. It’s well worth the effort too, for the views of the Buda Hills from the dance floor are quite something. There is the option of taking an elevator, but that takes almost as long, though you can buy drinks from the elevator attendant’s icebox- quite a novelty! In terms of the music, expect to catch alternative bands and DJs from Hungary and the rest of the world playing a selection of music from Dancehall and Reggae to Minimal Techno.

Address: Blaha Lujza tér 1-2, 1085.
Contact: +3620-474-0831 /
Opening times: 10pm - 6am Wednesday to Saturday


Toldi is a cinema that also functions as a bar and club, so whether you want to chill in front of a film with a glass of white wine, meet new people or dance to various styles of electronic music, you will undoubtedly have a good time here. Contemporary dance groups come to perform here and the venue also frequently hosts film festivals, occasionally showing the diploma works of Werk Academy students. All this, along with an unbeatable atmosphere and low drinks prices, make Toldi one of the most popular nightlife spots in Budapest.

Address: Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 38, 1054.
Contact: +36 30 666 3456 /
Opening times: 11am - midnight Sunday to Thursday / 11am - 5am Friday and Saturday

check out these festivals & events


As one of the world’s most iconic music festivals, Sziget attracts hordes of partygoers each year, who come to dance to music by popular acts like Rhianna, Kings of Leon, Dizzee Rascal and David Guetta. Virtually every genre is represented at this weeklong musical extravaganza, from Rock to Electro, and you’ll have the chance to discover new, up-and-coming artists as well as the more famous ones. Beyond music, you can select from a wide range of programs such as theatre performances, movie screenings, and contemporary circus. There is even a beach area where you people swim and take part in water sports. Don’t delay in getting your ticket though, as it often sells out before the artists are even announced.

Address: Hajógyári Island
Contact: +36 20 345 9155 /
Date: August

St. Stephen's Day

August 20th is St. Stephen’s Day and Hungary’s greatest national holiday, during which the country’s residents commemorate King Stephen and the foundation of the Hungarian state. The festivities start the night before, when families feast on a traditional Hungarian banquet of spicy pork ribs, goulash and spinach dumplings and kick off again in the morning with the raising of Hungary’s flag in Heroes’ Square, then continue for the rest of the day. Religious celebrations take place at St. Stephen’s Basilica in the afternoon and later on, there are open-air classical concerts, before the day culminates with a truly spectacular fireworks display over the Danube. 

Date: August 20th

Budapest Wine Festival

Hungary is extremely famous for its wines, so it’s no surprise that Budapest Wine Festival receives tens of thousands of visitors each year. This prestigious event enables wine-lovers from all over the world to discover more about the country’s wine culture and is a great insight into tourism in Budapest, as tastings are held in iconic buildings across the city, such as the terraces of Buda Castle. Over the past few years, the Budapest Wine Festival has truly come of age and more and more presenters attend each time, with up to 200 wine cellars from fifteen countries being represented and around sixty cultural programs. Events include a wine auction, concerts with live performances and a Harvest Procession in the castle.

Address: Buda Castle
Contact: +36-1 203-8507 /
Date: September

OktoberFest Budapest

You don’t have to be in Munich to take part in the legendary Oktoberfest celebrations, as Budapest has its very own festival, which brings around a hundred local and international beers from a variety of breweries to the city. The event takes place over three days next to Heroes’ Square, where visitors are also treated to a selection of Hungarian delicacies, an agricultural fair and several live performances. To top it all off, there’s a Bavarian-style street carnival and firework display over the Danube on Sunday evening, followed by one final night of partying (assuming you’ve still got the energy).

Address: Felvonulási tér
Contact: +36 70 674 6677 /
Date: October

Farsang (Hungarian Carnival)

The Hungarian carnival season, known as Farsang, begins on Epiphany and ends on Ash Wednesday, during which there are a number of fun festivities, masked balls and lively parades. Farsang is a combination of Christian traditions and old Pagan rituals, but it’s also a way of saying goodbye to winter and welcoming the Spring. In Budapest, the carnival is marked by expensive formal balls, but if these don’t float your boat, there are plenty of more casual concerts you can attend instead.Every other year, the International Circus Festival comes to the city to mark the start of carnival, where performers from all over the country come together for a show featuring everything from gymnasts, to stilt walkers, to fire eaters.

Date: January 6th - February 10th

Jewish Cultural Festival

The first Jewish Cultural Festival took place eighteen years ago with the aim of introducing Jewish culture to as many people as possible, as the Jews played a very important part in Hungary’s history and Budapest is one of the hubs of Jewish culture in Europe. With Yiddish plays, movie screenings and exhibitions, this festival is a great opportunity for visitors to discover more about the traditions of this millennia-old culture. A special emphasis is placed on the Klezmer music performances, which are held at the Dohány Street Central Synagogue, Europe’s biggest and most spectacular synagogue.

Contact: +361 460 11 20 /
Date: August / September



Now for the part you’ve all been waiting for. Not only is Budapest home to some of the grandest, most extravagant tourist attractions, but it is party central. Its location enables you to sample from a variety of different activities and events that Hungary has to offer. It is unlike any other European country in that your weekend will be filled with wild adventures, and unique opportunities. With plenty to get up to, whether at night or during the day, this will be the best stag party you will ever experience. That is a promise!

Although it is a very large place, you will find it difficult to get lost. We have fantastic and enthusiastic guides who will look after you throughout your stay, from the time you land to the time you leave (not that you’ll want to.) Being only 3 hours away, there are plenty of UK low cost flight options straight into the heart of Budapest; and with the accommodation prices being extremely affordable, altogether with the cost of flights, accommodation and the activities, the weekend could end up being cheaper than your average stag in the UK! What could get much better than that?


With the greatest night-life scene that Europe has to offer, you and the guys can go wild and let loose. If you want to go hard, bars and clubs are open until 6am! So you can guarantee that you’ll get the full party package. Beer and food is cheap (you can get a pint for as little as £1!) That means you’ll have plenty of spare cash to splash on an amazing array of activities from the likes of gun shooting, bar and pub crawls, bubble football, quad biking or indoor and outdoor go-karting.

Along with such activities, Budapest provides opportunities for bobsledding, airsoft, dodgeball, caving, paintball, and powerboats. In the evenings you can bask in beer and spirit tasting and wine tasting. Or perhaps you would prefer to spend your weekend doing something that requires a bit of practice like riding a Segway or going Trabant Driving.

Or, if you fancy your last night of unmarried life doing something daring and exotic, how about having a sumptuous steak, followed by an audience with a sexy stripper. Whether you want something relaxing and innocent like a stripper maid, or something more dangerous and risky like a dominatrix, the beautiful women of Budapest will be too much of a challenge to take your eyes off.

We aim to provide you with an unforgettable stag party, and with our variety of packages to choose from, you’ll have the time of your life.



Budget Package

Budget Package

For those of you who have a little less to spend on your stag party, the Budapest Budget Package is ideal for you. As part of the 2 night stay, your stag will include stay in one of the local hostels - where you will experience great hospitality, and minibus transport to and from the airport. You will also receive entry into a Lap Dance club, including a VIP room and private dance show for the Stag, with a second drink for free! To finish the weekend off, you will have a 5 hour pub crawl – during this, you will get a taste of the finest beers that Budapest has to offer.

Prices start from as little as £70.

Shooting Package

Shooting Package

This fiery weekend will include a 2 night stay in a hotel in the centre of Budapest, with minibus transport to and from the airport. Unique to this package, you will get to take the trigger of an Ak-47, a Ruger and a Shotgun Remington. Each of you will be guided by a fully-qualified instructor and have 20 bullets to shoot each. This is unlike any game you have ever played – this is the real deal! To bring your stag party to a close, you will have a 5 hour guided tour of all the greatest bars and pubs throughout Budapest, not forgetting a nightclub and lap dance club entry with a free private show for the stag, along with a free second drink.

Prices start from £109.

Karting Package

Karting Package

Particularly for those who prefer to let loose on the track, this package includes a 2 night stay in a hotel in the centre of Budapest, with minibus transport to and from the airport. Specific to the Karting Package, you and the lads will get to experience the thrill of a lifetime with indoor go-karting. There will be 3 x 8 minute races with a 5 minute warm up lap to get those tires burning. All equipment and safety procedures are provided by a fully-qualified instructor. Similar to the other Budapest packages, you will end your stag weekend with a 5 hour pub crawl, including a beer at each of the bars in the city, and nightclub and lap dance club entry with a free private show for the stag, and a second drink for free.

Prices start from £115.

Other Packages

Basic Package (from £89)
Paintball Package (from £105)
River Cruise with Strip Package (£109)
Mud/Oil Wrestling Package (£115)

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So what are you waiting for? Now is the perfect time to visit beautiful Budapest, as we’re approaching Autumn so the city is less busy, but there is still plenty going on. For more travel tips, or for inspiration for your hen or stag weekend, visit our website. Boldog utazás!