Gdańsk, Sopot, and Gdynia (known as the Tri-City) pull visitors from all over Poland, Europe, and the world - it's a brilliant city for tourists. Though much of it was destroyed in WWII, it was splendidly rebuilt in the aftermath, and is now one of the most beautiful and scenic areas in Poland. Full of museums, archaeological interests, and architectural wonders from the last thousand years, there is also a massive coastline right in the city made up of sandy beaches where you can swim, sail, and unwind in the sunshine - the perfect way to start your hen/stag weekend in Gdańsk.



The Royal Way

The Royal Way in Gdańsk was historically used by the Kings of Poland as a processional way on their visits to Poland. It was here that they were welcomed and given the keys to the city. Of the three Royal Ways in Poland (located in Warsaw, Krakow and Gdańsk), this is the shortest, but the most architecturally refined. Running perpendicular to the River Motlawa, this is the main artery of the city; you can walk like the Kings did as you take in the sights through the Royal Way.

Address: Pocztowa 80-827, 80-827 Gdańsk, Poland

The European Solidarity Centre

Visible for the Gdańsk Shipyards entrance, this 5-storey building houses the new European Solidarity Centre. Designed to give the impression of cracking and tilting walls, the building itself is coated in a rust-coloured sheet metal – reminiscent of a ship’s hull. The centre stands as a symbol of the victory of the Solidarity movement; a victory achieved peacefully thanks to the power of the people uniting in solidarity with each other. For those who fancy a bit of viewing pleasure, there is a roof-top terrace that allows you to look out over the remains of the Lenin Shipyards.

Address: PI Solidarności 1, 80-863 Gdańsk, Poland
Contact: +48 577 772 412 /
Opening times: Mon - Sun (10am-6pm)

Długi Targ (Long Market)

The Long Market in Gdańsk is one of the most notable tourist attractions of the city. As once the main city market, this street is now the major focus for visitors – welcoming dubious amber stalls, mini shops, and restaurant touts. Running from Targ Weglowy (Coal Square) to the channels, the street is something between London’s Regent Street and Las Ramblas in Barcelona. Its architecture somewhat resembles Copenhagen, Hamburg and even Amsterdam!

Address: Długa, 22-100 Gdańsk, Poland
Opening times: Open 24 Hours

Golden Gate

Gdańsk’s Golden Gate is an imperious gateway embossed with beautiful, artistic sculptures. The Roman-inspired triumphal arch is decorated with figures that represent Peace, Liberty, Wealth and Fame, for which Gdańsk was always struggling to achieve in spite of foreign powers. On the opposite side of the building the sculptures symbolise the virtues of Wisdom, Piety, Justice and Concord. Constructed for the St. George Brotherhood (an elite rifle club and social group), the gateway serves as a symbol of the city.

Address: Długa 1, 22-100 Gdańsk, Poland
Contact: +48 583 091 033

The Crane

The Crane is one of the defining symbols of Gdańsk, representing what little is left of the city’s great trading age. The mechanism of the Crane, the biggest port crane in the medieval Europe, is the exhibition highlight. Since the Crane also served as the town’s gate which led the way from Szeroka Street to Długie Pobrzeże Street, the bottom treadmills, situated in the place of a vault, are visible from the outside. You'll have to go a long way before you see another building like the Crane. A medieval wonder which just makes you rub your eyes as it looks so out of place.

Address: Żuraw ul. Szeroka 67/68, 80-835 Gdańsk
Contact: +48 583 016 938 /
Opening times: Mon-Sun (10am-4pm)

Museum of the Second World War

Gdańsk’s Museum of the Second World War is just one of those tours that are perfect for all of those history buffs. The whole experience is quite breath-taking and really needs to be seen to be appreciated. Those interested in the topic can easily spend a whole day there. The heart of the museum is the permanent exhibition which is divided into three parts – The Road to War, The War’s Long Shadow, and The Horrors of War. Here you can view the collection of artifacts, many the personal belongings of families involved with the war which were donated to the museum, that really bring the personal experiences of World War II to life.

Address: Wałowa 56, 80-001 Gdańsk, Poland
Contact: +48 583 237 520 /
Opening times: Tue-Sun (10am-7pm)


Pierogarnia u Dzika
To the uninitiated a dzik is local lingo for boar. And not only has the owner included the noble dzik in the name, he’s included these little guys in the design. Where do boars go when they die, to this place of course, where the proprietor has them skinned, stuffed and nailed to every surface available. Stranger still, the absence of anything resembling boar on the menu – work that one out. This place has dedicated itself to pierogi, and the ones here are quite simply the best in the biz. If you don’t mind dead animals staring reproachfully at you, then knock yourself out on delicious pierogi stuffed with a variety of sweet and savoury fillings.

Address: 80-831 Gdańsk, Poland, ul. Piwna 59/60
Contact: +48 583 052 676 /
Opening times: Mon-Sun (11am-10pm)

Barylka Restaurant
The restaurant is a charming place located on the waterfront and overlooking the River Motlawa. In the summer you can sit outside on the terrace, and relax in the sun while sipping drinks and eating lunch. The interior is elegantly decorated and each room is done up in a different style, giving you a unique dining experience. The restaurant specializes in the traditional Polish cuisine, but you can also opt for one of their Vegetarian dishes.

Address: Długie Pobrzeże 24, 22-100 Gdańsk, Poland
Contact: +48 583 014 938
Opening times: Mon-Sun (10am-10pm)

Restaurant Concept
This restaurant is one of the most unique restaurants in Gdańsk, where you can try a selection of organic and molecular cuisine. All dishes are prepared from natural products using the novel methods, such as emulsification, infusion or cooking temperatures in precision in vacuo. This is the perfect restaurant for those who are looking to taste new sensations on your trip to Gdańsk.

Address: Restaurant Concept Street. Pulaski 18-20, 81-762 Sopot
Contact: +48 881 555 043 /
Opening times: (7am-10pm)

Goldwasser Restaurant
As one of the best places to take guests in Gdańsk, this atmospheric riverside restaurant features dishes like duck, fresh fish and delicious homemade pierogi and bread along with locally produced beer served by multi-lingual service. Relax in the classic Gdańsk interior or hit the garden the moment the sun appears to enjoy one of the best choices of properly prepared steak in the city in the shadow of the city’s signature Crane. Souvenir hunters should keep an eye out for the traditional Danzig spirits which have been re-born under the German owner and the Goldwasser liquor box sets make for an excellent souvenir.

Address: Długie Pobrzeże 22, 80-888 Gdańsk, Poland
Contact: +48 583 018 878 /
Opening times: (9am-11pm)



The Empik shopping centre is everything you've come to expect from a Polish megastore chain. One of the biggest success stories in the country, Empik can be found in every prime location of every major Polish town and city - and not without good reason. Here you can find a comprehensive selection of music, DVDs, and video games as well as all the articles you would expect to find in a decent magazine and stationery store. Their huge book department includes a foreign language section if you didn't bring enough reading material for the plane journey home!

Address: Podwale Grodzkie 8, 80-001 Gdańsk, Poland
Contact: +48 224 627 250
Opening times: Mon-Sat (8am-9pm), Sun (11am-8pm)


Cepelia´s main purpose is to protect and up hold the folk and artistic handicraft in Poland. For traditional art and craftsmanship you should visit this store and maybe take home a beautiful painting, leatherwork or other special items. As a branch of the national chain and hence the most obvious place to head for Kashubian trinkets, Cepelia should be the next place on your shopping list.

Address: Długa 47, 22-100 Gdańsk, Poland
Contact: +48 583 012 708 /
Opening times: Mon-Fri (10am-6pm)

Galeria Baltycka

Gdańsk's biggest and most popular shopping gallery can be found in the district of Wrzeszcz at the junction of the main Tri-city road and the main road to the airport. You’ll find over 200 stores, boutiques, cafes and restaurants set in a state of the art building with headline stores including a three-level H&M, Peek & Cloppenberg, Tommy Hilfiger and Zara. There’s also on-site parking for 1,100 cars. The mall is opposite Gdańsk-Wrzeszcz train station and can also be reached by trams from Gdańsk city centre.

Address: aleja Grunwaldzka 141, 80-264 Gdańsk, Poland
Contact: +48 585 218 550 /
Opening times: Mon-Sat (9am-9pm), Sun (10am-8pm)

Fashion House Outlet Centre

A variation on the typical out of town malls. What you’ll find here, set in what looks like a seaside fishing village complete with lighthouse, is big name brands at knockdown prices. Stores include Pepe Jeans, Asics, New Balance, Calvin Klein Jeans, Guess, Benetton, Nike, Levis, Villeroy & Boch and Stefanel. The centre also includes a selection of great cafes and restaurants. Located just outside the centre of Gdańsk, the Fashion House Outlet Centre can be reached easily by car or by from Gdańsk main railway station.

Address: Przywidzka 8, 80-174 Gdańsk, Poland
Contact: +48 583 018 245
Opening times: Mon-Sat (10am-9pm), Sun (10am-8pm)

Galeria Handlowa Madison

The Madison Shopping Gallery is found close to the main train station in the heart of Gdańsk and is the most centrally located of all of Gdańsk's malls. Shoppers have a choice of over one hundred shops and service outlets, restaurants, cafes and ice-cream parlours as well as currency exchange and underground parking. Brands present include Apple iDream, Bibi Concept, CCC, Douglas, Ecco, Festus, Intersport, MOLTON, New Balance, New Yorker, Mohito, Orsay, Ryłko, Unisono, Venezia, Wólczanka and Wojas. There's also the Calypso gym upstairs, an opticians and a laundry.

Address: Rajska 10, 80-850 Gdańsk, Poland
Contact: +48 587 667 530 /
Opening times: Mon-Sat (9am-9pm), Sun (10am-8pm)



Copacabana Beach Club

Party animals keen to soak up that hedonistic Sopot summer vibe won't want to pass up on the Copacabana Beach Club - undoubtedly one of the places to be in the Tri-city! Situated on a prime spot of Sopot's beach, it's easy to believe you are in Rio as you sip a cocktail, watch the sunset and enjoy the cooling Baltic breeze. It's not long however before things really start to heat up again as Sopot's young party crowd arrive, glammed up for a night of drinking and dancing. With a name like Copacabana you'd be right to assume that there's a distinctly Latin flavour to the music here. But don’t worry, you won’t hear any Barry Manilow here…

Address: Sopot Beach, Entrance 23
Contact: +48 506 781 272

Café Absinthe

An old-favourite of ours and after all these years we’re still not entirely sure why. A fairly basic bar in a corner of the theatre building on Targ Weglowy it does have a great selection of draft and bottled beers, a DJ booth and a dancefloor - that’s it in a nutshell. But the fact is it works and it’s been working for years. The loyal crowd is a mix of people from all over the place who love a good night plus the lack of neighbours here mean that the party goes on long into the morning (unlike in the main part of town).

Address: Świętego Ducha 2, 80-834 Gdańsk, Poland
Contact: +48 583 203 784 /
Opening times: Sun-Wed (2pm-4am), Thu (2pm-5am), Fri-Sat (2pm-6am)

Donegal Pub

Sit down, grab a beer, and let yourself be transported back to the hilly greens. In addition to classic Irish folk melodies, you will hear a variety of musical selections, anywhere from The Chieftains to U2 to Enya. Don't piss off the bartenders - they'll put on something from the infamous "Disco Polo" years of Poland (think Polish home grown 80s pop). Overall - a great place to relax with friends on your hen or stag do weekend in Gdańsk!

Address: Zgoda 10, 81-001 Gdynia, Poland
Contact: +48 586 204 623 /
Opening times: Mon-Sun (4pm-1am)


If there’s a better beer in Poland we’d like to know about it, but not before we’ve finished road testing the menu. Indeed, the microbrewery is just one reason to visit. The chow here is top drawer with excellent mains to go with your beer such as traditional Gdańsk duck, pork knuckle in beer and a beer bites menu that includes a selection of flavoured lards - from spicy pepper to plum. The waitstaff are great at their jobs too spinning from table to table laden with beer jugs and plate of simple but well-prepared food.

Address: Szafarnia 9, 80-755 Gdańsk, Poland
Contact: +48 583 201 970 /
Opening times: Mon-Sun (1pm-11pm)


Located on the main street, but easily missed, Bruderschaft (Brotherhood in German) is a decent little drinking hole in a street surprisingly low on bars. That has a lot with the neighbours, but you'll not annoy them tucked down in this brick cellar with a bare bones look, friendly staff and a good choice of beers on offer late into the night. They keep things interesting with special nights including live jazz & blues on Thursday and a 'Vinyl Tuesday' where they only play music on vinyl and you get a free shot for bringing your own down to play.

Address: Długa 81, 80-831 Gdańsk, Poland
Contact: +48 510 128 564 /
Opening times: Sun-Thu (12pm-2am), Fri-Sat (10am-4am)


Cream Sopot

Located just across from the beach, Club Cream is one of the most unique places on the map of Sopot clubs. As one of the Tri-City’s most prestigious clubs, with an original design, tasteful colours, and carefully selected music played by the best Polish and foreign DJs. This unique composition guarantees the highest level of fun. Three professionally equipped bars are open to visitors. Two of them are located in the main room - a spacious room with large dance floor. The third, slightly smaller, but equally well equipped is located on the mezzanine in the VIP room.

Address: Aleja Franciszka Mamuszki 2, 81-718 Sopot, Poland
Contact: +48 692 770 000

Klub Parlament

Situated in Gdańsk’s Old Town, Klub Parlament is the most modern and largest music club in the Tri-City. Since it reconstruction in 2001, the club has gained a lot of recognition in the eyes of its visitors, which making it a popular and focal point on Gdańsk’s party map. Here you can expect to see some great concerts, comedy shows, dance tournaments, theatre performances, and film shows. This is the perfect spot for an incredible night on the tiles.

Address: Ul. St. Spirit 2, 80-834, Gdansk
Contact: +48 583 201 365 /
Opening times: Thu-Sat (8pm-4am)

Bunkier Klubogaleria

The club stands a six-storey, re-enforced concrete cube built as an air-raid shelter, bunker and anti-aircraft battery by the Germans during WWII. The only building in the area to survive the war, for many years it stood empty, save being used as a climbing wall, until someone with a magnificent imagination and access to a colossal amount of money decided to turn it into a club. The bars are well-stocked and manned by friendly staff; prices are surprisingly low and the mix of original features (lighting, exposed pipes) and artistic touches will have you reaching regularly for your cameras.

Address: Olejarna 3, 80-001 Gdańsk, Poland
Contact: +48 531 711 207
Opening times: Mon-Thu (5pm-2am), Fri-Sat (5pm-4am), Sun (6pm-1am)

Autsajder Klub Studencki

Autsajder is one of the most popular student clubs and discotheques in Gdańsk, and it is one of the few clubs that is open every day of the week. As such, it is the perfect place to kick-off the night with some drinks and great music. Here you’ll be greeted by awesome staff, who are eager to make it a night to remember. Only students are employed here, so get ready for some light banter and laughs with the bar staff.

Address: Do Studzienki 34, 80-227 Gdańsk, Poland
Contact: +48 583 417 657 /
Opening times: Mon-Fri (10am-12am), Sat (6pm-12am)



If Poland is on your radar, then a Gdańsk hen/stag do should be at the top of your list. It's become a popular hen and stag destination in recent years thanks to the cheap beer, the vodka tastings, bar crawls, and the seriously swanky nightclubs right next door in Sopot. It's also a beautiful city with charming architecture, compelling history, oh yeah, and a beach right there full of hot women and buff men. The people are notoriously beautiful, the guns here are no joke, the Gdańsk breweries are open for tours, and the nightlife is banging. There are so many fun hen/stag weekend activities in Gdańsk.

Gdańsk is easy to reach from all over the UK, and most of the budget airlines can take you there. Plan ahead and you'll catch a plane in London, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, or Edinburgh for well under £40. Flights take just over 2 hours and the airport isn't far from the city centre. Once you're settled in, the city is fairly compact, and tram lines can take you everywhere you want to go on your Gdańsk hen/stag do (and you can check the schedules on their English site!), and they're cheap, regular, and easy to use. Keep your eyes open for pickpockets and over-friendly strangers, though, just like at home.


Everything you ever wanted to do on a hen/stag weekend is here for you, we have the ultimate Gdańsk stag party packages that can help you choose the perfect way to celebrate your weekend. With go-karting and quad-biking, paintballing and target shooting, and even more off-the-wall outdoor fun like river snorkelling, deep-sea fishing, and parasailing, you are all set for your Gdańsk hen/stag do. You can go wine-tasting, beer-tasting, vodka-tasting, or even absinthe-tasting, learn to make fantastic cocktails of your own, or learn how to make authentic Polish pierogis to impress the folks back home.

Gdańsk isn't afraid to get naughty, so why should you? Strippers for your limo rides or nude waitresses for your evening dinner can all be arranged for your hen/stag weekend entertainment, and you can always get a private dancer to take care of the stag on his last nights of freedom. Over in Sopot, the clubbing is the best in Poland: the super-fashionable Sfinx club and always-popular Viva Night Club are exclusive and demand their patrons to be well-dressed so make sure you look neat so you can go mingle with the beautiful people on your Gdańsk hen/stag weekend!



In this awesome, recreational activity you are towed behind a motorboat while attached to the parachute connected to the boat by a 100m long rope. When the boat drives off, you are carried into the air at the height of up to 50m! Reach soaring heights as you a thrust into the sky. During this ‘amusement ride’ you will be able to watch the Bay of Gdańsk from the bird’s eye view. With the water underneath, you are always going to have a smooth landing!


A special weekend in Gdańsk calls for a special ride. Straight from the airport, we will pick you up in a pimped up stretch limo complete with a mini-bar, leather finishes, state of art lighting and out of this world entertainment. You and your girl friends can sit back and enjoy the ride. The chauffeur will go wherever you want him to go. We can organise for different rides to popular destinations or just the normal transfers from the airport to hotel and back.

Evening Meal

Before heading out and drinking yourself crazy, you will want to lay the foundation and line your stomach with something heavy and warm to accommodate the alcohol… and we can help you do just that. In this activity, we will reserve a dinner table for you and your girl friends at one of Gdańsk's best restaurants. This will give you an opportunity to taste local delicacies and interact with chefs. We have partnered with several classy restaurants, with international class hospitality, but local rates.


Spirit Tasting

During your stag weekend in Gdańsk you want to do something different, right? How about kick-starting your weekend with an alcohol-soaked night out on the town, tasting the local spirits? Experience the attraction of this latest trend in spirit tasting and sample different flavours. Sound tempting? Sure it does! Why not come and see what all the fuss is about, even if it’s just to spend a few hours drinking Vodka!

Brewery/Distillery Tour

This activity is not just a tour. It is an opportunity for you and your friends to spend a quality time touring the city. This tour will see you visit some of Gdańsk’s top breweries. Here you will get an opportunity to learn how beer is processed and packed. You will even get a chance to taste the different drinks during the different stages of production. If you love beer, then this is a must do. Who knows, you might learn a thing or two from the masters of brewing and maybe start your own microbrewery back home.

Off Road Driving

Off road driving in Gdańsk is one of the greatest ways to let loose and to determine who the best driver is. Forget about those rules and regulations of a standard road, with this thrilling experience you and the lads can put your driving skills to the test and push your limits to uncover the greatest driver (while everyone else eats dusts!) Provided with an array of vehicles to choose from, you will tour over rocky terrains and muddy tracks – so don’t be afraid to get dirty! So leave the tarmacked roads of your home town behind you and embark on this adventurous journey.

Our website removes all of the pain and stress of organising a hen/stag party, making it as easy as possible for you to get everything sorted and ready for the big weekend. By using our services you can save boat loads of time and money – just choose your ideal destination and desired activity/activities, enter a few details about your intended group and we will do the rest for you. You can rest easy knowing that this will be a hen/stag party to remember.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t delay! Now is the perfect time to visit this extraordinary city, with so much to do and so much to see. For more travel tips and inspiration for your hen or stag weekend, visit our website today or give us a call on 0800 210 0643.