Introduction to Lisbon

Lisbon is one of Europe’s most visually striking and intriguing capital cities. Looks aside, the city will surely win you over with its genuine friendliness and blissfully laid-back pace.Lisbon is a beautiful city and enjoys a unique mix of merging the old and the new. The city is eclectic in style and radiates an old world charm. At once nostalgic and progressive, Lisbon's charm shines through in everyday life - listening to the mournful songs in the Moorish Alfama's alleys, indulging in chocolate delicacies in Arcádia and living it up at a Bairro Alto street party.

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St. George's Castle (Castelo de São Jorge)

Towering dramatically over the city of Lisbon, St. George’s Castle is one of the most iconic, architectural wonders in Portugal. Full of some of the oldest historic stories, this castle has seen it all. As home to the Visigoths, Moors, Christians and Royals, this is the perfect place for those history buffs. Roam around the land and absorb the history from as early as the 5th century!

Address: R. de Santa Cruz do Castelo, 1100-129 Lisboa, Portugal
Contact: +351 21 880 0620 / info@castelodresaojorge.ptOpening times: Mon-Sun (9am-6pm)

Belem Cultural Center


The Belem Cultural Center is one of Portugal’s major venues – hosting tons of concerts and musical performances. Known for presenting concerts by international orchestras and classical recitals, the venue is also earning a name for itself through presenting some of the best dance and theatrical productions in the city. If you are lucky enough to visit the center at the right time of the year, you can experience amazing performances by top jazz artists and other musicians. 

Address: Praça do Império, 1449-003 Lisboa, Portugal
Contact: +351 213 612 400
Opening times: Mon-Sun (10am-6pm) 

Santa Luzia Viewpoint ( Miradouro de Santa Luzia)

The Santa Luzia Viewpoint is one of the most romantic spots in Lisbon. From the viewpoint you can take in the breath-taking sights of the city, and relax along with the sea breeze. In Lisbon it is almost impossible to get away from the city’s historic background, even down to the terraces and streets. The viewpoint introduces visitors to Alfama with a sweeping view over the houses, churches and the famous Tagus River. Be sure to check out the terrace café for a short pit stop before heading to the castle nearby.

Address: Largo de Santa Luzia, 1100-487 Lisbon, Portugal
Contact: +351 915 225 592
Opening times: Open 24 Hours

Lisbon Cathedral (Patriarcado De Lisboa)

Lisbon’s oldest building, an ancient cathedral, defines the city’s beauty. It was built by Portugal’s first ever king for the city’s first bishop (the English crusader Gilbert of Hastings). Resembling a medieval fortress on the outside, the cathedral is a spectacular sight that boasts its iconic history. For lovers of history, the Lisbon cathedral is the best place to absorb the past. It’s also a great place for photos too! 

Address: Largo da Sé, 1100-585 Lisboa, Portuga
Contact: +351 218 810 500 /
Opening times: Mon-Sat (9am-7pm)

Commerce Square (Praça do Comércio)

Commerce Square (or better known as Praça do Comércio) is the largest plaza in Lisbon. It location was formerly where traders would sell their foreign wares and financiers would fund expeditions to the unknown areas of the world. It was the land of the wondering traders. Portugal’s wealth was channelled through the plaza. As such, it is a great tourist hub for the city’s foreign visitors. Lining the sides of the plaza are lots of beautiful, traditionally painted buildings, as well as a statue of the great King José I. Indicating the power and influence that Portugal once commanded, the Praça do Comércio is one of the greatest spots in the city – full of history, ready to embrace the future.

Address: Praça do Comércio, 1100-148 Lisboa, Portugal
Opening times: Open 24 Hours

Eat 'Til Your Hearts Content

Nosola Italia
Famous for its delicious crepes and authentic Italian ice cream, this restaurant is probably one of the most popular dessert eateries amongst tourists and locals in Lisbon. With a beautiful view of the river, you can enjoy a glass of wine or a pint of beer surrounded by Portugal’s best scenery. 

Address: Avenida Brasília, 202, Santa Maria de Belém, 1400-038 Lisbon, Portugal
Contact: +351 213 015 969 /

Bella Lisa Elevador
Located at the very top of Elevador de Santa Justa, this restaurant is the perfect place to be on a hot day. With traditional Portuguese and Italian dishes, as well as sangrias, cocktails, juices and ice creams, the refreshments are to die for! Every meal at Bella Lisa Elevador is sure to be an experience to remember and a moment to repeat.

Address: Largo do Carmo, R. de Santa Justa, 1100-998 Lisboa, Portugal
Contact: +351 21 347 7311 /
Opening times: Mon-Sun (9am-2am)

Martinho da Arcada
With specialities including Sirloin and Tuna steaks, Cod and Venison medallions, this is a fantastic restaurant for all you meat lovers and pescatarians. Any visit to Lisbon requires a mandatory passage through Martinho da Arcada; you’ll be surprised at how many Portuguese dishes you’ve tried before!

Address: Praça do Comércio 3, 1100-148 Lisboa, Portugal
Contact: +351 218 879 259 / 
Opening times: Mon-Sun (7am-11pm)

Bota Alta
In the very heart of Bairro Alto, the Bota Alta is a simple, yet refined restaurant that serves a variety of traditional Portuguese dishes. This restaurant is loved by tourists and locals alike, so be sure to book reservations to be guaranteed a table. Its specialities include Cod, Alentejo Pork, Goat, Duck Rice, and many other fish and meat dishes.

Address: Tv. da Queimada 35-37, 1200-364 Lisboa, Portugal
Contact: +351 213 427 959
Opening times: Mon-Sun (12pm-2:30pm, 7pm-11pm)

Casa do Alentejo
If you are looking for something a little different from most restaurants, why not head to the historic Casa do Alentejo? Occupying two rooms, you can choose your surroundings while experiencing an ambience that is quite and perfect for sampling your first taste of Portuguese gastronomy. This is an ideal restaurant for those looking for a more elegant atmosphere.

Address: R. das Portas de Santo Antão 58, 1150 Lisboa, Portugal
Contact: +351 213 405 140
Opening times: Mon-Sun (10am-10pm)

Shop 'til you drop

Centro Comercial Colombo


Attracting tons of visitors each year (including tourists and locals alike), the Centro Colombo is one of Portugal’s most famous shopping centres. Located next to the Colégio Militar metropolitan station, there is plenty of easy access to the centre. Designed with many environmental concerns in mind, the shopping centre has several different policies towards saving energy, recycling waste, etc. The Centro Colombo has more stores than any other shopping facility in Portugal, including popular stores such as Zara, Adidas, FNAC and even the largest Primark in the country! As well as all the shopping stores, there are over 60 restaurants, 9 cinema screens and a bowling park.

Address: Av. Lusíada, 1500-392 Lisboa, Portugal
Contact: +351 21 711 3600 /
Opening times: Mon-Sun (9am-12am) 



For lovers of chocolate and all things sweet, Arcádia is the perfect place to kick start the day. Arcádia assumes itself as a factory of craft confectionary. Famous for its delicious chocolates (including the famed chocolate cat tongues!), among other specialties, this is a place you don’t want to pass up the opportunity to shop at. The delicacies come in a variety of different shapes, sizes and flavours.

Address: Avenida de Roma, 14 D, Lisbon
Contact: +351 218 408 670


Although it may look like an ordinary old bookstore, you’ll be shocked to find out that it was founded in 1732. That makes it the world's oldest bookshop, and a Guinness World Records certificate on a wall to the left of the entrance proves it. At the back are international periodicals, and a few English-language books. It's a good place to look for translated Portuguese literature from names like Nobel Prize author José Saramago or Fernando Pessoa.

Address: R. Garrett 73, 1200-309 Lisboa, Portugal
Contact: +351 213 476 122
Opening times: Mon-Sat (9am-10pm), Sun (11am-8pm)

A Vida Portuguesa

From its opening in 2007, this store instantly became one of the city's most famous shops. It continuously attracts the attention of locals and tourists for offering long-forgotten products made in Portugal, and the curiosity of tourists who enjoy the retro packaging. Situated in a former storage space filled with wooden cabinets, it is one of the places to get Portugal's famous soaps.

Address: R. da Galeria de Paris 20, 4050-182 Porto, Portugal
Contact: +351 213 473 060 /
Opening times: Mon-Sat (10am-8pm), Sun (11am-7pm)


Sample the local watering holes

Chapitô à Mesa


Ever had dinner and drinks in a circus school? Well now you can! Chapito is one of Lisbon’s greatest performing arts centres, where dances and acrobats train and present stage shows. Not only that, it is also where one of the most unusual eateries, Chapito a Mesa, is situated. Set on a hill in the Castelo district, you can enjoy delicious Spanish cuisine while taking in the breath-taking sights of the view across the city of Lisbon. Located just a few minutes away from St. George’s Castle, this is one of Lisbon’s quirkiest restaurants and bars.

Address: Costa do Castelo 7, 1149-079 Lisboa, Portugal
Contact: +351 21 887 5077 /
Opening times: Mon-Sat (12pm-6pm, 7pm-1:30am), Sun (7pm-1:30am)

Rock in Chiado

In the same space as the former bar that served as a meeting place for artists and musicians in the 1940s (Louis Armstrong was one of the most famous to pass through), ‘Rock in Chiado’ is now a popular modern café/bar that provides a musical background to your lunch or dinner. You’ll hear from the likes of jazz to reggae (despite the name), often performed by tribute bands. A quaint little spot to relax in the early evening, there is always a performance on for you to enjoy as you eat.

Address: R. Paiva de Andrada 7-13, 1200-310 Lisboa, Portugal
Contact: +351 21 346 4859
Opening times: Mon-Tue (12pm-1am), Wed-Fri (12pm-3am), Sat (12pm-12am)

CINCO Lounge

This cocktail bar is a sophisticated places to lounge, relax and unwind with friends over a cocktail or two. Here, anything goes. The same goes for their music. Providing a combination of contemporary and classic cocktails, made only using premium spirits and fresh fruits, it is no wonder that this lounge is a favourite among tourists and locals alike. A cool, relaxed atmosphere makes this fabulous bar one of the must-visit places in the city.

Address: R. Ruben A. Leitão 17A, 1200-329 Lisboa, Portugal
Contact: +351 021 342 4033 /
Opening times: Mon-Sun (9pm-2am)

Pavilhao Chines

Pavilhao Chines (or known as the Chinese Pavilion) is one of Lisbon’s most unique and intriguing pubs/bars. To the unknowing eye it could very well be a museum or an antiques store, but in actual fact it is a popular cocktail and drinks bar. Decorated with curious objects (from the owner’s personal collection, might I add), there is plenty here to spark up conversation with the locals. Choose from their extensive list of cocktails, wines, juices, and teas to quench your thirsts.

Address: R. Dom Pedro V 89, 1250-093 Lisboa, Portugal
Contact: +351 21 342 4729
Opening times: Mon-Sun (6pm-2am)

Dance until dawn

The Dock's Club
This club fantastically caters to all crowds, and is constantly filled with music off all kinds. You’ll hear from pop music to trance, but also African beats due to its very strong Angolan presence. Surrounding the dance floor there are large sofas and comfortable armchairs for you to relax and get your energy levels up before cutting some questionable shapes!

Address: Rua Da Cintura Do Porto De Lisboa Edif., 226, Arm. H, Lisboa, 1350-352 Lisboa, Portugal
Contact: +351 21 390 0222
Opening times: Thu-Sat (10pm-6am)

Appropriately named, this split-level club has no name on the door, so you must ring a doorbell to get in. It's one of the city's oldest clubs and its music has changed little since its first days, often spinning 80s, indie, alt-pop, and techno. It's a friendly place, and still a popular choice for a wide range of people looking for alternative sounds. Upstairs is a loft bar, while the basement is the perfect arrangement for a dance-off!

Address: R. Poiais de São Bento 37, 1200-346 Lisboa, Portugal
Contact: +351 21 390 8755
Opening times: Wed (12am-4am, 11pm-4am), Thu-Fri (11pm-4am), Sat (11pm-12am)

Music Box
Located in the seedy-chic red light district of Cais do Sodré, this is a trendy hotspot for live bands and DJs. This club is perfect for those who fancy a unique dancing experience. Managed by a record label, it also hosts video and film projections, making this also a cultural destination at night. Popular amongst tourists and locals alike, you’ll find plenty of people up for partying all night.

Address: R. Nova do Carvalho 24, 1200-292 Lisboa, Portugal
Contact: +351 21 347 3188
Opening times: Mon-Sat (11pm-6am)

Ministerium Club
Opening on Saturdays, this is one of the best clubs in the city to catch international DJs. The house and techno mixes are danced to under the vaulted ceilings of one of Comercio Square's 18th-century wings. You won’t have experienced clubbing like this before, so be sure to head to the club for a night to remember!

Address: Praça do Comércio 72, 1100-016 Lisboa, Portugal
Contact: +351 21 888 8454 /

Last night of freedom

Lisbon Hen & Stag Weekends

Deciding where to go and what to do on your hen or stag weekend can be a lot of fun. The logistics of booking activities, accommodation, travel and collecting payments from your fellow guests… not so much! When you’re planning a hen or stag weekend there is a lot to think about, and choosing the destination is the first step. We can simplify things, our hen and stag experts know the best places to go and how to make the most of your time there.

Lisbon is chic, affordable and oozes a retro charm. Lisbon is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and enjoys a unique mix of merging the old and the new. The city is eclectic in style and radiates an old world charm. Although Lisbon is quite small in comparison to other European capital cities Lisbon is still full of things to do like dance classes, paintballing, cocktail making and so much more.

Its warm Mediterranean climate and affordable prices make this a great alternative to some of the more tried and tested hen and stag do destinations like Marbella or Barcelona. Lisbon offers over 3,000 hours of sunlight a year and is known as the sunshine capital of Europe with temperatures reaching highs of a whopping 30 degrees!


When people hear of Lisbon they don’t immediately think of a hen or stag destination. Now is the time to change all of that! A hen or stag do in Lisbon is unlike any other; the Portuguese city is a fantastic place to hang out with friends and make the most of those final few days of freedom…

Regardless of whether you are looking for a more extreme weekend or even a tame one, there are tons of activities available to inspire all of you hens and stags out there. With a variety of activities for hens, stags, and even for both, there is something here in Lisbon for everyone! 


Pole Dance Classes
A pole dancing party is one of the perfect ways to celebrate and let your hair down with a group of your closest gal pals. You will be taught some basic spins, moves and tricks on the pole. You will laugh a lot at putting yourselves in ever more compromising positions and encouraging each other to be more daring in your attempts to become a true Polestar. It makes a perfect ice-breaker to set you up for a nights partying.

Pole Dance Classes

Cooking Classes
If you are on the lookout for some frolicsome fun, why not try out a boozy fine dining alternative hen party experience? Under the guidance of a professional chef, you and the girls will prepare key elements to iconic Portuguese dishes. It is time to see how you’ll react to being on the opposite side of a restaurant kitchen (unless you’re already a chef…)!

Cooking Classes

Photo Shooting
Our Paparazzi hen party is perfect for ladies that love the lime-light. Our professional photographer will come along to your hen party and snap away, catching moments that an amateur just couldn't. If you plan to create a girly scrapbook for the bride-to-be then the Paparazzi hen party will provide you with fabulous keepsakes and memories of the evening. (Or to simply document the evidence of a drunken hen throwing a few shapes on top of the bar!)


Photo Shooting




Like the boys do all the time… race! Go karting is among our all-time best seller among stag friends. And this is no surprise. There’s no man who doesn’t love high octane fun. And nothing brings out the adrenaline better than go karts. Racing just inches from the tarmac at up to 60mph is something that you don’t do just any other weekend. When you get a chance to do it, then you better do it to your fullest.


Strip Club Entry
Make it a night to remember on your stag weekend in Lisbon. In this activity, we will have our guide pick you from your accommodation premises and take you one of the best strip clubs in the city. When you get there, we will have reserved a private cubicle for you and your friends to sit back and enjoy the views. What's more, you can have some private time with one of the exotic dancers and maybe share a cigar or get cosy!

Strip Club Entry

Laser Tag
If you are looking for a stag activity that is fun and thrilling then you will want to consider this activity. Laser mission is like paintball only that it uses more advanced equipment than paintball. Unlike paintball that uses paint balls as bullets, guns in laser mission shoot light rays, infrared rays to be precise. The indoor arena, is setup like a modern marine training ground and this means you will need to bring your shooting skills and your kick-ass face to this activity.

Laser Tag

Our website removes all of the pain and stress of organising a stag party, making it as easy as possible for you to get everything sorted and ready for the big weekend. By using our services you can save boat loads of time and money – just choose your ideal destination and desired activity/activities, enter a few details about your intended group and we will do the rest for you. You can rest easy knowing that this will be a hen/stag party to remember.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t delay! Now is the perfect time to visit this extraordinary city, with so much to do and so much to see. For more travel tips and inspiration for your hen or stag weekend, visit our website today or give us a call on 0800 210 0643.