As Spain’s third largest city, Valencia is a magnificent place and a wonderfully liveable city with thriving culture, amazing places to eat and fantastic nightlife scenes. Although home to mostly traditional and elaborately built buildings, Valencia boasts some strikingly futuristic and contemporary architecture. Surrounded by its large fertile fruit and vegetable farmland, the city is renowned for its traditional rice dishes such as paella. It is perhaps the ultimate place to visit for those who enjoy the beauty and elegance of its traditional surroundings, but also the bustling, buzzing nightlife and dining scenes.

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Church of San Nicolas

The Church of San Nicolas is a must for any visitor in the city of Valencia. Built in a stunning Gothic style, there isn’t a square inch of the building that isn’t worth looking at over and over again. This baroque masterpiece is a place not to be missed; its history is fascinating and intriguing – even to those who prefer the more lively aspects on the city! It is advisable to get your hands on the guide, that way you spend the time walking and looking around this fantastic masterpiece.

Address: Carrer dels Cavallers, 35, 46001 València, Valencia, Spain
Contact: +34 963 91 33 17 /

Palacio del Marques de Dos Aguas

Also known as the National Ceramics Museum, this palazzo is three floors of artistic beauty. Displaying many intricately designed ceramics, this place is home to many other delights, including all of the rooms themselves. Perfect for lovers of art and history, this is the ultimate place for those seeking to educate themselves of the way the better half lived throughout its historical residencies. 


Website: www.mecd,
Address: Carrer del Marquès de Dos Aigües, 5, 46002 València, Valencia, Spain
Contact: +34 963 085 429 /
Opening times: Tue-Sat (10am-2pm, 4pm-8pm) Sun (10am-2pm)


One of the most popular tourist spots in Valencia is the L’Oceanografic. With so much to see if the endless aquariums, there is a guarantee that you’ll see every sea and marine creature that ever existed! If you feel slightly peckish after seeing all of those fish, there are restaurants and food stalls around so you can take a break from all that water exploration. If you’re lucky enough, you may even get to experience the dolphin show. Known as the ‘Circus of the Sea’, this attraction is superbly designed and impressive to look at. 


Address: Eduardo Primo Yufera, 1B, 46013 València, Valencia, Spain
Contact: +34 960 47 06 47
Opening times: (1pm-3:30pm) Daily

Valencia Cathedral

This magnificent Cathedral sits at the heart of the old town of Valencia – in an area called El Carmen. The Cathedral combines two of the area’s most iconic plazas – Plaza del la Reina and Plaza del Virgen. The Cathedral itself is a fantastic building that includes a variety of different architectural styles, including Romanesque, gothic and baroque. It is worth visiting this impressive Cathedral, regardless of whether you are religious or not. With a tour of the Cathedral, you can learn about its history, while you wander around and view the intricate interiors.


Address: Plaça de l’Almoina, 46003 Valencia
Contact: +34 963 918 127 /

City of Arts and Sciences

If you are searching for something to impress you, you should head to the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia. As you arrive you will be taken aback by the beautiful architecture – it provides a fantastic experience at night when it is all lit up. As a great place to learn about life sciences and art, you’ll leave feeling qualified and ready to brag about your new knowledge! Its immense size can sometimes be overwhelming, but the views and entertainment variety are certainly enough to make up for it!


Address: Av. del Professor López Piñero, 7, 46013 València, Valencia, Spain
Contact: +34 902 10 00 31

Malvarrosa Beach

Malvarrosa Beach is Valencia’s most famous beach, situated directly to the east of the city centre. This beach is very popular among tourists and locals alike, who often gather to swim and sunbathe after a good lunch. Surrounded by a fantastic beachfront promenade, you can visit a number of different, lively restaurants and cafes. Particularly for those who fancy taking a trip down to the beach at night, the promenade also hosts a string of thriving discos and bars.


Address: 46011 Valencia, Spain
Contact: +34 963 525 478

Eat 'til your hearts content

Restaurante Navarro
Decorated to create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, this restaurant is the perfect place to grab a bite to eat at lunch. Known for being the best seafood restaurant in Valencia. With flawless service, delicious food and great wine, Restaurante Navarro is an absolute must – especially for seekers of the ultimate paella! 

Address: Carrer de l'Arquebisbe Mayoral, 5, 46002 València, Valencia, Spain
Contact: +34 963 52 96 23 /
Opening times: Mon-Sat (1:30pm-4pm)

Come in Casa
If you fancy a change from the usual Spanish delicacies, why not head down to one of the best Italian restaurants in Valencia! The perfect place for those who are hesitant about experimenting with their food, you can be sure to enjoy the best pizzas and pastas around town. The service staff will do all that they can to make sure you get the best out of your visit, with quick food service and friendly welcomes – there is even an outdoor patio where you can relax and enjoy your lunch on a hot day.

Address: Carrer de Salamanca, 5, 46005 València, Valencia, Spain
Contact: +34 963 81 84 00 /
Opening times: Tue-Thu (8:30pm-11pm) Fri-Sat (8:30pm-11:30pm) Sun (8:30pm-11pm)

El Camerino Taberna
As one of the most popular restaurants in Valencia, you won’t be disappointed in what they offer. With a great range of food, including delicious tapas and the traditional Spanish dish, El Camerino Taberna is a place you must visit (even if it’s just to be in awe of the fantastic service)!

Address: Carrer de Mossèn Femenia, 16, 46006 València, Valencia, Spain
Contact: +34 961 14 64 53 /
Opening times: (7pm-12:30am) Daily

Kram Bar
For some of the best Mediterranean, European, American, and of course – Spanish food, the Kram Bar is the ultimate modern dining experience. If you’d prefer, you can have a cool drink whilst enjoying the broadcasts of the main sports competitions on a giant television screen. Whether you want lunch, dinner, brunch or breakfast, Kram Bar offers cheap eats, a great bar and free Wi-Fi!

Address: Av. de Campanar, 90, 46015 València, Valencia, Spain
Contact: +34 963 17 36 50 /
Opening times: (8am-11pm) Daily

Lizarran is a great place to eat if you are looking for something delicious and cheap. As the Spanish way to snack, the fantastic wait-staff will bring all of the food to you (it doesn’t get more convenient than that!) Once in front of you, all you have to do is take your pick – it makes for a unique dining experience. Specialising in tapas, you can be sure to have the best tapas in all of Valencia!

Address: Plaza Ayuntamiento 8,46002 Valencia,Spain
Contact: +34 960 011 412
Opening times: (10am-11pm) Daily

Restaurant Blanqueries
In the historic centre of Valencia, this affordable restaurant is recommended by the Michelin Guide. If that isn’t enough to impress you, the terrific traditional Valencian cooking and food presentation is for sure! The menus fuses Valencian food with a light touch of the exotic. With a bright and airy interior, the restaurant beckons you to come inside and sample its great quality eats. 

Address: Calle Blanquerías, 12, 46003 Valencia, Spain
Contact: +34 963 91 22 39 /
Opening times: Tue-Sun (1:30pm-4:30pm, 8:30pm-11.30pm)

El Pederniz
Calling all lovers of seafood and traditional Spanish grub! El Pederniz is the best place in town if you want good food at great prices. Only a few metres away from the local station, this Mediterranean restaurant is ideal for those who are just out and about exploring. Come in for a quick lunch or reserve a table for an evening meal, the staff at El Pederniz are waiting to take your orders.

Address: Passatge de Ventura Feliu, 20, 46007 València, Valencia, Spain
Contact: +34 963 32 41 06
Opening times: Mon-Sat (1pm-4:30pm, 8:30pm-11pm)

Shop 'til you drop

El Corte Ingles


If you are looking for that one place that is home to everything, head downtown to the El Corte Ingles shopping centre. From food to clothes, shoes to electronics, this mall has it all! Its displays are comparable to those in America, so you can be sure that you’ll have a great shopping experience. With all the popular brands that you are familiar with, including Sephora, DKNY, Michael Kors and many others, you will feel right at home. Situated in the city centre, the El Corte Ingles shopping centre is easily accessible via public transport.



Address: Avenida Menéndez Pidal, 15, 46009 València, Valencia, Spain
Contact: +34 963 17 57 00
Opening times: Mon-Sat (10am-10pm) Sun (11am-9pm)

Nuevo Centro

The Nuevo Centro shopping mall in Valencia offers its customers, tourists and locals alike, the widest variety in fashion, food, catering, music, sports, toys, home, jewellery, gifts, accessories, travel, beauty, shoe shops, entertainment and everything else you could possible need for your purchases. A more modern designed building, this shopping centre is the perfect place to shop, eat and hang out.



Address: Av. de Pius XII, 2, 46009 València, Valencia, Spain
Contact: +34 963 47 16 42 /
Opening times: Mon-Sat (10am-10pm) Sun (11am-9pm)

Aqua Multiespacio

A shopping mall unlike any other, Aqua Multiespacio is perhaps the most unique of all the shopping centres in Valencia. Its sheer size is enough to entice its visitors, boasting hundreds of stores on each of its floors. Located near the beautiful City of Arts and Sciences, this shopping centre is surrounded by plenty to do and see. One of its fantastic features is that it is open-topped, allowing air to enter and keep you cool in those busy shopping months.



Address: Carrer de Menorca, 19, 46023 València, Valencia, Spain
Contact: +34 963 30 84 29 /
Opening times: Mon-Thu (10am-12am) Fri-Sat (10am-1am) Sun (11am-12am)

Galeria Don Juan de Austria

This popular shopping centre is located in the very centre of Valencia, making it extremely accessible. It is a comfortable and unique place, full of fashion stores, accessories, perfumery, restoration materials and much more! As possibly one of the greatest facilities to enjoy and have the ultimate shopping experience, the Galeria Don Juan de Austria is home to some of the biggest brand names (as well as Valencia’s fantastic little shopping nooks).



Address: Calle de Don Juan de Austria, 4, 46002 Valencia, Spain
Contact: +34 963 512 333
Opening times: Mon-Sat (10am-9pm)



Blanco Y Rojo Valencia

Located in el barrio del Carmen (in the very heart of Valencia), here you can enjoy the best nights of your lives thanks to the wonders of their professionally trained acrobatic bartender! A quality cocktail bar with fantastic DJ music, this place is also a great tapas bar and cafeteria. Ideal for groups and parties, you can either make reservations or simply walk in – whatever suits you on the night!

Address: Calle Alta11, 46003 València, Valencia, Spain
Contact: +34 655 44 22 77 /
Opening times: Mon-Sun (8pm-2am)

El Rocafull

The bar’s atmosphere provides a perfect setting for you and your friends to enjoy a quiet night with a few beers and some good music. Its staff are very friendly and attentive so you can be sure that your night will be a good one! With great music ranging from pop and rock to indie and folk, there is something at El Rocafull to please everyone. 

Address: Plaça del Xúquer, 14, 46021 València, Valencia, Spain
Contact: +34 962 32 09 54
Opening times: Mon-Fri (3:30pm-2am) Sat (4:30pm-2am) Sun (4:30pm-12am) 

Urban Café

Unlike most cafes, there is always a live show put on for your entertainment. Good music, great food and fantastic service are just some of the amazing treats waiting for you at the Urban Café. An unmissable dining and cocktail experience, every visit to Valencia will result in a return to the Urban Café.


Address: Calle Antonio Sacramento, 13, 46013 València, Valencia, Spain
Contact: +34 695 94 99 94
Opening times: Fri-Sat (21:30pm-2:30am) 

Birra & Blues

Fancy washing down a grand meal with some fantastic craft beer? Then head down to Birra & Blues! This was the very first restaurant to be created in the city of Valencia, combining a passion for good culinary work and beer culture. Enjoy a magnificent mixture of excellent Mediterranean cuisine, along with the unique culture of authentic microbrews. The restaurant’s ideal central location makes it the perfect place for everyone! 

Address: Avinguda de María Cristina, 12, 46001 València, Valencia, Spain
Contact: +34 963 92 56 41 /
Opening times: Sun-Thu (11am-1am) Fri-Sat (11am-2am)




Unlike the usual clubs in and around Valencia, Fayer itself is not a venue that is set in stone; rather it is party that moves around the city’s finest clubbing spaces. Hosting parties in various locations during different times of the year, Fayer is the best place for those looking for fantastic quality international House and Electronic DJs including Jamie Jones, Ame, Damien Lazarus, Tiga and so many more! This is an event definitely not to be missed.




Another popular integration into the City of Arts and Sciences, L’Umbracle is the backbone of the fantastic building. Its terrace provides a beautiful view of the magnificent outdoor garden, elegantly decorated with detailed furniture and stunning statues. Once you have finished gazing at the wonders of the L’Umbracle, head to Mya – a contemporary designed club space that is full of great alcohol and a lively atmosphere. Its huge dancefloor is packed every weekend, with EDM and commercial dance music taking centre stage!


Address: Av. del Professor López Piñero, 5, 46013 València, Valencia, Spain
Contact: +34 671 66 80 00 /
Opening times: Open 24 hours

Radio City

For all those artists, travellers and freethinkers out there, Radio City is the absolute place to be. Being the most legendary venue in the old town of Valencia, it is a symbolic place that has contributed majorly to developing Valencia’s culture and art. Initially Valencia’s first ever juice bar, Radio City has grown to become a home to lots of artists – it is now a nook where you can let your imagination run wild! 

Address: Carrer de Santa Teresa, 19, 46001 València, Valencia, Spain
Contact: +34 963 91 41 51 /
Opening times: 11pm-4am Daily


As a benchmark in the musical area of the city of Valencia, La 3 has three separate rooms (hence the name) including, the Main Room, Oven Club and La 2. Each of the rooms have become an extremely popular meeting place for hundreds over people every week. For those of you who are into the more alternative atmosphere, you will not be disappointed in La 3. Perfect for those who are not a die-hard follower of any particular music style, this club is a great place to have a break from the standard pattern of the other clubs in Valencia.

Address: Calle Padre Porta, 4, 46024 València, Valencia, Spain
Contact: +34 963 920 570 /
Opening times: Fri-Sat (1am-7:30am)


Nylon is perfect for the ultimate disco atmosphere. Every weekend you’ll be sure to find Valencians of all ages partying away on any one of the two dance floors. With each floor having its own corresponding bar, you can guarantee that you won’t be waiting long for a well-earned drink! Every night is unique – even down to the music that can be heard, from pop, rock or indietronica to disk or tropical tunes!


Address: Gran Via de les Germanies, 31, 46006 València, Valencia, Spain
Contact: +34 963 805 493
Opening times: Fri-Sat (23:45pm-7:30am)



Las Fallas (Fire Festival)

Every year Valencia transforms into a city of hundreds of giant dolls. But these aren’t just any dolls! These dolls rise up to 10 meters tall and resemble political figures, movie stars, celebrities and Toreadors. The dolls are paraded alongside bonfires and pyrotechnic performances, only to be thrown into the fires at the climax of the festival. You will be surrounded by fantastic explosions and colours! 


Date: Wednesday 15th March 2017 – Sunday 19th March 2017

La Tomatina

For lovers of fun, mess and food, the La Tomatina festival is the ultimate event to put in your diary. Held on the last Wednesday of August every year, this giant food fight is the perfect way to go wild and have some outrageous fun. Although only for an hour, this festival involves you battling with food and creating havoc in the streets of Bunol. Tens of metric tons of over-ripe tomatoes are thrown in the streets, ready to literally paint the town red!


Date: 30th August 2017, 29th August 2018

Fiesta de San Juan

The San Juan festival is a fun and popular celebration that is often celebrated on the 23rd of June (sometimes the 24th of June). It is a magical and enchanting night that welcomes the summer season. This festival takes place during the summer solstice, on the shortest night of the year. Come and join the locals in the celebration of summer, where you can party on the beach with roaring bonfires, drinks, food and friends!



Date: Saturday 24th June 2017

Moros y Cristianos (Moors and Christians)

The “Moors and Christians” festivities have become one of the most widespread and attractive festivities in Valencia, combining peculiar elements of local character such as a taste for farce and disguises as well as music and lots of gunpowder. Go back in time and learn about Valencia’s roots; learn about the struggle between the followers of the cross and the crescent moon and the historic battle of Lepanto. 



Date: Saturday 22nd April 2017 – Monday 24th April 2017




It is time to get down to the real nitty gritty! Your hen/stag weekend in Valencia. The flamenco dancers are calling and the bull-fighters are beckoning, it is time for the weekend of a lifetime. But why Valencia, we hear you ask. Well, let us not waste time and let’s get down to business!

Although only the second most popular city in Spain, Valencia is fantastic in its own right. What better destination for your hen/stag weekend than in the sunny city, where blue skies and sunshine await with open arms. Perfect for those wanting to catch a great tan, Malvarrosa Beach is ready and waiting to provide you with the luxurious sun. Unlike its sister cities Barcelona and Madrid, Valencia rarely has a rainy day, so you can be certain to catch some rays.

Enjoying your hen/stag weekend on a budget? Fear not, Valencia has some of the most affordable beers in Europe! Although cheap, the beer and alcohol is top quality – certain to get the bride/groom drunk, and fast! Need a hand getting around when you are ‘slightly tipsy’? The locals are willing to guide you to the next bar (or maybe back to your hotel if you’ve had a bit too much).

But before all of this fun can take place, getting to Valencia should be the first thing on your list. Just over 2 hours away via airplane, there are hundreds of cheap direct flights from London, Birmingham, Aberdeen, Nottingham, Manchester, Edinburgh, Newcastle and Glasgow. From as little as £30, you could be flying over seas to Valencia, and on your way to the best hen/stag weekend to date!


The usual hen/stag weekend often involves a bit of pampering and a splash of paintball, but why not do something a little more interesting and exciting. There is nothing better than taking on an activity that you are just not going to get anywhere else; it is part of what makes hen/stag weekends abroad so awesome! From a more relaxed morning of Paella making classes to the more energising Flamenco dance classes, there are endless unique activities for you to choose from.

Some of the most popular hen/stag activities include:

Spa and Pamper Days

Spa and Pamper Days

Bar Crawls

Bar Crawls



Renowned for its amazing nightlife scene, it is true when the say the city comes to life at night. Whether you fancy going for a delicious evening meal and a couple of drinks, or even if you want to party hard all night in one of the many nightclubs and bars, Valencia offers stunning evening entertainment to keep you dancing and drinking until the sun comes up. 

So what are you waiting for? Don't delay! Now is the perfect time to visit this extraordinary city, with so much to do and so much to see. For more travel tips and inspiration for your hen or stag weekend, visit our website today or call on 0800 210 0643. Viajes seguros!