Hen Weekend planning can be tricky, your stress level will be high and you are going to have to organise a number of women. If won't be easy, but it will be worth it. Check out our tips to help you plan without a hitch.

1. DO what the bride says (talk to her)

The Hen weekend marks her last night of freedom; make sure she is accommodated for. You job today is to ensure that her needs are met. If she thinks spas are a waste of time, then a soothing massage is not going to be a winner. Likewise if she's not a podium dancing, jager bomb kind of lass we'd cancel that trip to Gatecrasher; remember, this is her last night of freedom, make sure she enjoys it.

2. DO what she doesn't say

While you may have a very decisive bride, it is likely that she isn't going to be completely honest with you. She is not going to say actually, can you go all out? I want penis straws and inflatable dolls; the whole lot. You will have to do all three things, Talk, Listen and Read her mind. I know the third one might seem difficult, just do your best to reflect her personality. Regardless of what type of night you are planning, make sure you surprise the bride-to-be with a bit of cheesy fun. That is what a Hen Party is all about after all.

3. DO think about who is on your guest list

Before you plan the weekend, you will need to think about your guest list. Ask the bride who she wants to attend the weekend. Check whether she wants it to be just mates who celebrate with her, or if she thinks her mum and mother-in-law should be invited. (In which case, you might want to cancel that stripper).

4. DON'T break the budget

When you agree on a budget with the guests, you must stick to it, no one likes to pay more than they originally agreed. Be up front with everyone about how much things are going to cost. Remember not everyone earns the same amount, once the budget it set, it should be almost set in stone. Ideally, get the money off them in advance for all the activities, and if there are any added extras, talk about this before the big weekend, just to avoid any frustrations.

7. DON'T forget the little things

When you are planning a hen do, no detail is too small.

Considering everything will not only mean it runs without a hitch - but that your stress levels will be low on the day. Think of things like where you will be eating? Do you need pre drinks at your hotel? Do the girls need to be aware of dress codes and club or fancy dress themes? Are all payments including drinks going to be sorted before the night? Your bride will not thank you for winging it.

8. DON'T leave everything to the last minute

Unless the wedding is a week away and you are only just finding out that you're the maid of honour, there should be plenty of time to prepare. You should plan the hen do as soon as possible, this gives you enough time to shop around and secure bookings. This will give you ample time to relax and enjoy the weekend as everything will have be taken care of with plenty time to change if necessary.

6. DO relax

As the planner, we know it will be difficult to relax, however, once you have planned it and you are on your way, there is nothing more you can do. Ensure that you let all the ladies know exactly what will be happening before the date and ask them to help at all times. This will take the pressure of off you to manage all of the guests yourself.

I hope this helped, let us know what you think, and if you need help planning a hen weekend, let us know in the form below.