Karting Queens - Will you take home gold

Come on girls, here’s your chance to show those Stags that you can handle yourselves magnificently behind the wheel. That age-old argument about who makes better drivers could be solved on your Barcelona hen party.

This is no groggy little warehouse with a track implemented, and only one wall of tyres to save you if you veer off track. This is a purpose built multi-million euro facility designed for avid Karting fans. Now this is where you want to be.

As you enter the huge interior, the ramp will take you up until you’re on the viewing balcony looking out over the track. The track has chicanes, a severe hairpin bend, a bridge section and a great flat out section for you to pick up the utmost speed. The course is designed with expert Karters and so it will undoubtedly be a challenging and thrilling ride.

After a refreshing drink in the F1 bar while the experts arrange your equipment, you will be guided to the changing rooms where you will be given professional racing overalls and helmets.

You will receive a quick safety briefing, and then it’s into your cars to begin the races. You’re quickly out on the track battling for your best lap time, 10 minutes of racing is followed by a quick break and then another 10 minute session after your adrenaline has levelled and your competitive streak has spiked. Come on girls; don’t leave all of the high adrenaline fun to the boys. This is a great chance to do something fast and furious!

But you haven’t come to Barcelona for just the Karting have you? And you probably don’t want to see is the inside of a bar all weekend when the sights in Barcelona are so beautiful. So lets go see some sights, see some great places at your own pace with a guided walking tour after your Karting activity.

Meet at a bar and visit some of the most famous Barcelona landmarks in and around the Gothic Quarter including La Ramblas, the Gothic Cathedral, and Picasso’s Absinthe Bar. Whether you want to just see places and move on or actually spend more time at one place is up to you.

Even if half the group fancy exploring, the other half can just wait for them with a glass of wine at the nearest place in the sun. Your guide will fill you in on a bit of history and give you plenty of ideas about what to do in the evening

You’ll then be dropped back where you started, or a bar or restaurant of your choice. And now it’s time for the bars. In true hen style, a bar crawl or VIP night out can be arranged. We will gain you quick access into the most luxurious club in town or, if you prefer will arrange a guided tour or as many bars and clubs that we can fit into the night. So ladies, what are you waiting for?