Are you looking for a weekend of thrilling activities and swanky evening? Want a stag weekend that gets your adrenaline pumping at the wheel of a super car, your arms shaking after firing hundreds of shots, and your pockets full after winning big? Well, we have just the thing. Let’s get right into the excitement of with our “Bond” package.

High Speed Chase:

You will be driving rally karts while competing against the clock. This is high speed driving at its most intense, Q would be proud. You will be set small challenges for the laps you complete; the final challenge is the figure of 8. But do you possess enough skill to pull this off? This is guaranteed to bring the thrills and excitement of motor racing in a safe and competitive environment! You will certainly be assured of a memorable and adrenaline pumping experience!

Licensed to Kill:

You have the license, but do you have the skill? You’ll be issued with paintball guns; it’s then a straight shooting challenge between the teams. The winners take all, including bragging rights and should be suitably rewarded with a congratulatory martini, curtesy of the losers, shaken not stirred. This is, of course a popular with the stags, a chance to own the lads in a straight shooting challenge is very irresistible.


Using Quad Bikes, team members have to find 16 points around the huge ‘jungle’ area, with 8 miles of private tracks to navigate through. Each point will have a question relating to the gadgets used in the bond films. You and your team will have to use you fandom knowledge, and radio the answers back to HQ, but will you complete it in time or will you crumble under the pressure?

Casino Royal:

This is where things get tense. Here is your chance to win big and celebrate your stag weekend in style. Get out your most swanky suit and fix your bow-tie’s, Bond style. Try your hand at roulette while sipping Bond-esque liquor and, fingers crossed for some lady luck!


With hours of James Bond experience, plenty of thrilling activities and unlimited use of cheesy catchphrases, your weekend is complete! But what more could you possibly want? Oh, a VIP night out? Sure we can throw that in their too. Exclusive VIP access is something we can arrange, queue jumps and reservation ropes is of course the only way to do it on your stag weekend. Get in touch for weekends like this one.