Rage Buggy

Stag weekends are the perfect excuse for some off road mayhem, don’t you think? Off road karting in what they call a “Rage Buggy,” sounds cool right? It’s fast, exhilarating, and fun. Definitely something you should experience with the lads before you couple up and calm down. And I know, finding somewhere where you can do this and organising the rest of the weekend seems like a ball ache, but don’t worry we’ll sort it!

Race around the course, push the speed to its limits and test the turns throughout it all. The tracks are designed with twists and turns as well as long straights to pick up great speeds. It’s perfectly designed for both high speed adrenaline rushing experiences while on the straights and real Stig quality driving skills when it comes to the corners.

So race with the stags and complete the track in record time, but only if you’re fast enough and man enough to test the limits of the buggy of course.

If you are a speed freak then compete with the guys to come first and watch the clock as you race to be the fastest person to ever complete the course, or if you pride yourself as not only a fast driver but a accurate and skilful one, compete with the stags in rage buggy snooker, steer yourself through coloured blocks in record time.

At the end of your day on the tracks, you will be presented with medals, bronze, silver and gold. So try your best, be daring and take those turns as tight as you can boys! Your pride depends on it.

The automatic 614cc off road karts will have your heart pumping; it’s so exciting you’ll want more. So of course Asiana can give you more, try a second extreme sport on your weekend away, YOLO right? Try hand gun shooting or a highrope adventuremaybe?

The buggies are equipped with a full suspension system and complete roll cage; we are giving you state of the art vehicles. We are only in business with the most credible companies that ensure state of the art equipment, we also ensure you are given a safety brief and tipped by the experts. Just to ensure you have the best experience possible.

Off road Karting is extremely entertaining, thrilling and is definitely an amazing way to spend some quality time with the boys for your stag activity. For this event and many other activities, or even to put a stag weekend package together for you just contact us at info@asianahenandstag.com