When it comes to organising a hen weekend, the last thing you want to be worrying about is whether the place where you are is safe or not. You don’t want your hen party to be interrupted or prevented from being the greatest of the century, so here are a few of the safest cities to consider when organising a hen party in Europe.

Dublin, Ireland

Famous for its Guinness and that charming Irish accent, Dublin is the perfect place for you and the girls to quench your thirst for the nightlife. Amongst its wonders, Dublin is renowned for its fantastic historical buildings and luscious greens; great for those culture-absorbing tours! The locals are very friendly, the odd one or two may even invite you for a drink. Like most cities, there are some dodgy figures but they can be easily avoided, and nowhere near scary enough to halt your adventures in Ireland.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is a city that feels as though it has jumped straight from one of Walt Disney’s creations! History and culture surrounds you everywhere, not to mention the tourists (Prague seems to be the favoured place for backpackers). When the city’s nightlife wakes, the capital of the Czech Republic transforms into a completely different place. That is the time when all the booze, strip clubs and bars come out to play. A great way to avoid those sleazy drunks is to hit up a gay bar or two; home to fantastic music and great people you can have a laugh with.

Split, Croatia

Even in the hustle and bustle of the town centre, Split has a very laid-back atmosphere. As such, it is the perfect destination for a hen party, full of beautiful views and great people. When you are not out drinking and celebrating, be sure to explore along the pier, and absorb the fantastic sight of the crystal clear water below. The locals are very accommodating and love a good chat!

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is one of those cities you have to visit at some point in your lifetime. From all those stories you’ll more than likely have heard from back packers all around the world, you will know that Budapest is a gold mine for beautiful Baroque buildings and attraction after attraction. Its nightlife is great too, with plenty of opportunities for you and the girls to go exploring the city at night. The city’s folk are very welcoming, and will gladly give you a hand if you are lost.

Some other fantastic (and safe) places for all you hens to visit include:

Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Lisbon, Portugal
Berlin, Germany
Madrid, Spain
Krakow, Poland

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