Sky Drive in Prague

Skydiving is the ultimate activity for adrenaline junkies, but if I’m honest, lots of training goes into jumping from a plane with only a parachute to aid your fall. Frankly we don’t have time for that. But not to worry, we have a quick fix, just jump with a qualified instructor, and let them do all of the hard work so you can concentrate on taking in the view and feeling the wind through your fingers.

The instructor will have all the training and you’ll reap all the experience. Perfect right? Well we’re here to organise it all for you and ensure its perfection.

When you come to Prague we can ensure you have great transport, amazing accommodations and an absolutely outstanding weekend.

We can even arrange your travel to the activity centre where you will be handed over to the experts and they will get you geared up and raring to go. Excited?

They will give you a short 15 minute talk through and brief before you are flown 5000ft up into the air. Enjoy the mesmerising view as you excel up to the point of jumping. The journey up will be just as adrenaline inducing as the jump itself, and even more so for some people. This anticipation and anxiety will really have your heart pumping and your nerves shaking.

Are you ready yet? When you do pluck up the courage to leap out of the plane, you will be travelling at over 100mph, hurtling towards the ground with no breaks, you’ll need a huge magnitude of courage for this one. And I think you have it! Go for it…YOLO. (I can’t believe I just said that)

Whilst the fall may seem tense and stomach turning now, it’s a feeling of absolute freedom when you are falling; the wind massages your body and refreshes your entirety. It is definitely something I recommend you experience, and what better time than when your responsibilities are limited and you answer to no one’s but yourself. Use this jump to signify your leap into your new life and experience it with your best friends by your side.

This is one of the world’s most adrenaline inducing activities and most definitely something you should only do if you’re sure you can handle the thrill.

And of course, with a hen & stag weekend package, we will give you even more! A night out with drinks to calm the nerves may just what you need after just an unsettling activity; let us host your night of VIP club mayhem or a club hopping adventure. After all, this is your last night to be absolutely wild!

Prague is not only great for drinks and epic sky dives, it is perfect for the ultimate stag weekend, so if you choose not to take the dive, you could always try Zorbing, White Water Rafting, Tank Driving, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Segway Tour, Quad Biking Challenge, Bungee Jumping, Bob Sledging , Mud Wrestling and more! Use our enquiry form or find out more on our website.

To book this activity or others, email usenquire@henandstagweekends.comor enquire through our website, for this and other activities you may be interested in.