Don’t under estimate your work load

Booking a stag weekend can be easy; arranging/organising a successful one is another thing. There are things you can do to avoid the lads asking for their money back…

Don’t under estimate your work load

To get everything right for your stag party weekend isn’t exactly rocket science, however it is going to demand some time and effort on your part in order to get everything working like clockwork, the ideas are great, but usually when it comes to planning, we are called to manage and find the best and cheapest way to create what you have in mind. You can then focus on the fun details, ensuring the stag weekend will be celebrated and remembered as THE stag do that all future lads’ weekends will be measured against.

If you achieve the top stag do weekend, you will be reining victorious, and you never know, hopefully they will carry you through the streets victoriously as they sing songs about your great deeds.

Or at the very least they’ll tell you it was a great weekend and buy you a pint. Read on to find out what to avoid when booking an epic stag weekend.

Failing to P lan

There are hundreds of cheesy quotes on how “…failing to prepare is preparing to fail” but the fact is it’s true.

Planning is important, without sounding like the dull one here, it is very important to decide on where you are going and what you are doing months in advance, just so that you can be sure it is possible. It does not allow the same spontaneity that a weekend in the woods with the lads would have; you really need to make this epic. Things need to be booked and you need to ensure that accommodations have the space for you,

There are two basic fails when it comes to planning a stag weekend, the first, attitude, Mr can’t be bothered is most definitely someone who won’t want the burden of organising something that is both epic and cost effective, the attitude can make a stag do idea come from ‘that’s amazing’ and ‘that’ll do’

The second basic fail when it comes to planning is the outcome, if all the lads feel ripped off, and if they realise it’s all your fault from lack of planning, you will find that they are giving the stag a break and tying you to a lamp post in nothing but your boxers instead.

Late bookings and last minute ideas ALWAYS cost more. Booking your stag party ahead not only means you’ll have a great activity lined up but in most cases will save you money.

Your alternative…
Plan ahead, know all there is to know about the activities the destination and the accommodation that you have booked, don’t leave anything to chance, and if you are not confident in planning the weekend without a little guidance, give us a call and we can help you. 0800 210 0642. Let one of us do the running around for you so you can focus on getting the t-shirts, games and dares organised.

Hit & Hope

Remember Mr Cba? Yeah well that attitude along with Mr Hit and Hope is going to be a recipe for disaster, he’s the guy that thinks, a pass port, a tooth brush and a wallet will get you all through the weekend with great memories and a successful send-off…erm no.

There won’t be just you and your bestie, on the road with a world to explore, it’s a group of lads, from different aspect of the stag’s life, and they will be expecting a few basic comforts, like food and a bed! The hit and hope strategy really doesn’t lead to an epic stag weekend celebration; it leads to the first boozer you find and spending the days walking around looking for something to do with yourselves.


This comes into every part of your weekend, ensure you talk to the groom and book the weekend HE wants, it’s his weekend after all. Don’t go to Vegas because you always wanted to live like they do in the movies, go to Berlin because it’s the last destination on his bachelor bucket list.

Keep the lads up to date with all the plans and details. Even paying is a doddle as once you have given us their details then each member of the stag party can pay for his own share without you having to run around.

Don’t make the mistake of underestimating the amount of work you need to do in order to make the weekend a success; don’t book the first thing you see online. Plan ahead, and don’t hit and hope, too many lads have come to us for very last minute help, and there is only so much we can do once it comes so near the time, contact us in advance if you think that you are going to need help organising the lads and creating a weekend to remember.