Amsterdam is an amazing and hugely popular destination for Stag weekends away. And of course, it boasts drinking, ladies and cannabis; so basically mirrors what lads want out of their stag weekend, right?

It has a friendly and relaxed environment, so you won’t feel like a fish out of water here, and it is very inviting and positive place to be too.

Amsterdam has been a working progress so some time now, however, recently it has grown into the perfect destination for stag and even hen weekends. The bars are not entirely sexist; there are many places in Amsterdam that are developed and beautiful for even the most reserved hen/stag group.

Compared to London or Paris, Amsterdam used to be like a kid brother who didn’t want to grow up; it was a playground where all involved were guaranteed a good time. In terms of things to do, Amsterdam is all things to all people, depending on where you go, this city can cater for you.

Okay, let’s start with the more conservative things, because Amsterdam has a lot to offer in the sense of art decor, culture and history, it could be a cool thing to experience.

The Van Gogh museum – The world’s largest collection from the Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh features more than 200 paintings and 600 drawings. This would be a great thing to go and see for an art enthusiast. The museum gets amazing reviews and it’s definitely a great place to visit while you are in Amsterdam.

Rent a beer bike and get cycling – This is one of Amsterdam’s novelties and it is a fun way of experiencing the streets of Amsterdam whilst getting the evening started with the lads. Grab a map and venture out into the city.There is lots to see so we recommend getting yourself a tour guide, but whimsically biking around the city works too.

Heineken Experience – This is the 2nd or 3rd largest beer maker in the world, depending on who you talk to. This will be a great harm up your cockles and get you bonded for the huge stag night ahead. The Heineken experience is a tour of the brewery, beer tasting and even a pub crawl.

Now the biggie, the red light district.There is so much to do just here, okay, so this would definitely be for the more deviant lads but, let’s just say if you’re looking for “sex, drugs and/or rock ‘n’ roll” you’ll find all you need in Amsterdam.

There are around 200 coffee shops in Amsterdam, and great deals of them are in a distinct area, the menu has a few clean items however they mainly sell an assortment of cannabis and cannabis filled items.

Then it’s off to the bars, bars with babes or just your regular bar in the city, you decide, both boast a huge array of beers and sprits and you can even get your hands on some spirits unique to Amsterdam, if you dare.

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