Liverpool is quite possibly the best place to go for a hen or stag party, with its lively reputation living up to the hype. Home to some of the greatest experiences to make your hen or stag party one to remember. Here are some awesome ideas for a hen or stag party in Liverpool.


As time goes on, Liverpool is getting more and more diverse in terms of what you can do for you hen or stag weekend. Instead of spending your last moments of freedom doing the common things that everyone is used to, how about trying something a little bit different but a lot more fun? Feel the adrenaline rush as you leap from side to side, slide through nooks and jump from heights that you wouldn’t usually dare to even dream about. Parkour in Liverpool is all about knowing what is around you, also finding the quickest paths to get to where you want to go. Skilled or unskilled, this activity is great fun for anyone who is willing to have a go!


If you fancy holding your hen or stag party in Liverpool, then you better prepare yourself for paintball. Being both physically and mentally involving, you are sure to have a fun-filled, action-packed day. In this activity, you and your group will be taken to a shooting range, where your fully-qualified instructor will get you all geared up and ready to engage in a colourful battle (don’t worry, you will be given a quick safety briefing beforehand!) There are an array of different missions that you and your friends can take on; one thing is for certain, you will leave the guns behind feeling completely satisfied and worked out at the same time. It doesn’t get much better than that.


For lovers of driving and desirers of exhilarating fun, indoor and outdoor karting is the ultimate stag or hen party activity in Liverpool. With the best opportunities to let loose and go wild, karting is insanely fun regardless of the arena you are in. Fancy showing everyone who is boss? Get down to the track and strap yourselves in for a great ride! There is the choice between friendly laps, or all out drag racing – perfect for those of you wanting to go from ‘Stag’ to ‘Stig’.


Are you a football fanatic? Think you possess the skills that can put any Premier League footballer to shame? Will you think the same once trapped inside of a huge balloon filled with air? Then you should have a whirl at Zorb football in Liverpool. This game is the perfect combination of football and dodgems, but balance is of the utmost importance! Sound entertaining? There is absolutely no doubt about that. Although the rules are a little different than regular football, you can be sure that it is fun, challenging and brings everyone together like no other sport.


No hen or stag party is complete without the consumption of alcohol, and a lot of consumption at that. Liverpool is probably one of the most popular party destinations in the UK, so you can guarantee that extreme fun will be on the drinks menu. If you desire to get tipsy or even a little bit drunk (we won’t tell!), Liverpool bar, club and pub crawls are the perfect combination of alcohol and touring the lively city. Whether you tend to stick to simple beers and wines, or if you prefer the wilder, more intoxicating beverages, Liverpool is home to some of the greatest water holes in the North West; we’ll even throw in a Strip club and some costumed beermaids. Regardless of whether you will wake up to remember it, you will wish that the night never ends.


For a more relaxed hen or stag party, how about a night at a comedy club? You’ll be in fits of laughter with some of Liverpool’s funniest comedians. There is sure to be no awkward giggles to make the comedians feel better about terrible jokes, your faces will be aching by the end of the night. If not because of all the hilarity, but because of the delicious meal you will be served during the night, to keep those all-important energy levels up.


Another opportunity for you and your friends to have a decent catch up and some light banter, Liverpool’s cocktail making classes are also essential ice breakers to let you get to know one another more. As well as learning how to mix some of the popular cocktails like the Bloody Mary, Martinis, and Cosmos, you will get to have a shot at making your very own cocktail! Amongst all this drink making, there won’t be a dry mouth in sight as you will also be given drinks and snacks on arrival.


Before you head out to wet your heads and drink yourself crazy, you may want to take word from the wise and line your stomach with a warm and heavy foundation to accommodate all that alcohol. The Man VS. Food activity in Liverpool is perhaps one of the best opportunities to challenge the hen/stag and make her/him prove they can handle such a carnivorous chaos. With choices from the Burgergeddon to Man VS Dog, this evening meal is unlike any other!


A hen or stag party in Liverpool is all about doing things differently. Although cupcake making is not your everyday hen activity or stag activity, it gives you and your group a chance to catch up on some much needed gossip and to have some fun while at it. Expert at cake decorating or not, you will get to learn some new techniques and tips, as taught by a professional cupcake chef. Perhaps you can make a competition out of it… see who the greatest cake decorator is! After you have completed your creations, you will get to eat what you have prepared – so make sure they are edible!


Have you ever needed an excuse to admire the nude human body, without getting caught? Well now is your chance! It is time to get in to one of Liverpool’s Life Drawing classes, where you will be taught by an experience tutor, the art of drawing a nude model who will be standing, sitting or lying right in front of you – in all their glory. You will need to call upon your artistic skills to impress your tutor, and perhaps the models themselves! We will bring you only the most attractive models from around the city. But it doesn’t just end there. You’ll get the opportunity to hang out with your model afterwards and let the drinks flow for a while.

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