The capital city of Slovakia is a goldmine for stag do weekends. With cheap flights, priceless beer and bustling nightlife, Bratislava is the perfect location for those thrill seekers who desire a jam packed weekend, and to go wild. Already a favorite for adrenaline junkies, the activities here can be one of the many highlights of your stag weekend.

Here are 20 amazing stag party ideas:


For those of you who are fans of shooting games, airsoft is the ultimate stag party activity, especially in Bratislava. Working in teams or one-on-one, this exhilarating experience will allow you to determine who the alpha male of the group is. Operation Symbiont has awesome sound and visual effects to make for a realistic setting.


Out of all the stag party activities available in Bratislava, shooting has to be the most masculine of them.

Here you can try your hand at blasting some holes in some targets, and pull the trigger of the many different guns available at your leisure. With each package comes a new set of firearms; in the World War II set you get to have some fun with a Machine Rifle Mp 40, Pps 41 Sudajev, Thompson 1921 and a Sniper Swt 40!

Or if you fancy those more modern guns, you can get your hands on 2 semi-automatic weapons - the Kalashnikov and the Skorpion!

(A beer is on the menu with all packages.)


The full firearm experience would be incomplete without testing out those weapons (and many more) in a real life setting. Bratislava is known to host unique and realistic military activities, whether it be in World War II bunkers or through army training races and surprising disciplines.

Other war-based activities include:

Tanks/Military Vehicle Ride/Driving
Laser Mission

When it comes to stag weekend activities in Bratislava, you're spoilt for options. If you are looking for some ridiculously good fun, bobsledding on the courses of the foothills of the Little Carpathians is a fantastic way to let off some steam. Karting and buggy racing is also the ideal leisure activity for you and the guys to battle it out for the best driving.

The perfect stag do activities for those adrenaline junkies in Bratislava include:

Off Road Driving
Sky Diving
Fun Park
Buggy Racing

In Bratislava we also offer more opportunities for excitement, particularly in stag party activities like:

River Boat Party Cruise
Zorb Football
Brewery/Distillery Visit
Escape Room

Known for its top-notch nightlife, Bratislava never fails to grant your wishes for your last hoorah before tying the knot. The city's wilder side is at your service, including a traditional Slovakian dinner with strippers and lap dancers. With plenty of gorgeous girls thrown in to keep you entertained on the stag night out, it will be impossible to take your eyes of them!

Just some of the activities up for grabs include:

Beer & Spirit Tasting


No stag party can be complete without a visit to some of the best adult evening entertainment that Slovakia has to offer. With plenty of selections, you will be spoilt for choice. Within the options of strippers and lap dancers, you can opt for a private boat ride with strip, river cruise with strip, sexy pool party, hot body shots, lap dance club entry, a dominatrix striptease and many more!

dinner & strip

If you fancy a more laid-back evening to begin with, but would still love to see the beautiful women of Bratislava, why not opt for a dinner and strip? You can sink your teeth into a sumptuous steak while you sip beers all night, followed by a sexy striptease or lesbo show.

Or you can go down the traditional route and sample some of Slovakia's iconic dishes like Bryndzove Halushky, Zemiakova Placky or Wiener Schnitzel. This too can be followed by an erotic strip show.

So, do you want a stress-free stag do, with all the perks but without the pain? Using our services you can save tons of time, and you only have to pay a small deposit to guarantee your stag do (individual payments thereafter).

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