Organising a stag do abroad can often put you out of pocket. So naturally, most people would steer clear of the over-seas route. But who says you have to?! There are well over 500 cities in Europe, so who is to say you can’t afford at least one of them? To give you a hand in narrowing down some of the cheapest cities, we’ve compiled a list of cheap destinations in Europe for that ultimate stag do.


As one of the Canary Islands, Tenerife is the perfect beach destination for a stag do of any kind. It’s perhaps the cheapest of the famous islands, and is often known as the ‘Island of Eternal Spring’, Tenerife is all about the never-ending and unapologetic fun – with hundreds of places to cut some shapes and have a great night. Not forgetting to mention there’s 300 days per year of sunshine, a legendary nightlife and picture perfect beaches. All this and more is what makes Tenerife a sizzling hot destination for seasoned pleasure seekers and untamed stags. Perfect for those of a budget.


Another cheap European stag do destination, Stuttgart is the ultimate place to kick-off a boozy stag weekend. This German city sure does know how to party, so get ready to get down with the locals and experience the legendary nightlife! Home to some of the best beer festivals in Europe, there is never a bad time of year to visit Stuttgart. You’ll be surprised at what you can do with a tight budget in Germany; why not get the party started with limousine transfers for you and the lads? Do pre-drinks in style!


If you are looking for a cheap destination for a stag do in Europe, your best bet is to take the less-travelled road. Perfect for those who want to experience the thrill of the untamed wilderness, Ljubljana is a great destination for a stag weekend filled with non-stop activities. As one of Europe’s best kept secrets, this city is among the lesser known amongst tourists, so you and the lads can commandeer the city on your big weekend! If you fancy soaking up the hangover by touring around the city, you can catch the train around Old Town for free, and bike rentals are no more than £5 for the entire day.


Warsaw is a very popular stag do destination around any time of the year, and with it being one of the cheapest destinations in Europe, it is no wonder! The city is constantly thriving with young party people and those looking to have a good time. The city is big and modern with a buzz that never lets up, everything here is right on trend, from the swish cocktail bars, and the super clubs to the all-out-there strip joints and lap dancers. A stag do in Warsaw is one for the serious party dogs, so don’t be fooled thinking that it’s one of those quaint little Polish cities! 


Wroclaw is another one of Poland’s cheap stag do destinations in Europe. With delicious and cheap grub on every corner, there is always something to soak up all that alcohol! Although it is off the typical stag do weekend map, you won’t be disappointed by the city’s beautiful sights and awesome activities. With tons of tourist spots, loose laws that let you shoot the big guns out at the shooting ranges, beers on the cheap, as well as eye-candy as far as you can see, Wroclaw is the ultimate destination for an ultimate stag do

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