Romantic walks, hand in hand, picturesque scenery and a stress free weekend. This Valentine’s Day, go all out and book a weekend in one of the most romantic cities in the world.

Top 5 Romantic Cities


Yes, I know, we all could have guessed it, but the most romantic city in the world is Paris. It is undoubtedly worthy of every single romance award going. It’s all that red wine and candlelight that does it, and it’s a fact that there is no other that does romance quite like Paris. What is it that makes Paris the top Valentine’s destination? Love birds flock here every year, for magnificent views on to of the most famous tower in the world, and then enjoy a glass of champagne at the Louvre. The river cruise is one of the most popular ways to spend a day in Paris too, enjoy a meal and champagne while sailing through the River Sienna, what could be more perfect?


Taking second place is, Venice. There is a lifelong debate of Paris or Venice around this time every year. But let’s be honest: boat trips and sunsets are brilliant in Venice and it might just be a little bit warmer.

Venice is considered by many to be the world’s most romantic city. Be serenaded in a gondolier while lying in the arms of your loved one, or enjoy a walk through monumental avenues offsetting from the pedestrian streets. And when your walk is coming to an end there are horse-drawn carriages, what could be more romantic? Lovers get a sense of what it's like to live as a king and queen.


Prague is one of the world's great romantic wonders, when setting a romantic mood, you need the right backdrop, and central Prague boasts snapshot-worthy views in every direction, filled with fairytale architecture, the scenery is perfect. Walk hand-in-hand and explore the city in all its beauty. Stand united as the 600-year old astronomical clock begins to chime. Then it's time to lose yourselves in the beauty and romance of this ancient city, through a sea of spires and cobblestones that make this a lovers' paradise. Enjoy the perfect meal in the moonlight to conclude a perfect night in Paris with the perfect company.


Rio is for the truly romantic types. It offers a perfect combination of Latin passion and cool sea breeze nights. Rio offers a ton of romantic spots. Copacabana to Tijuca National Park, the nightclubs, steamy nights feel the soothing breezes of the Atlantic here. Rio is like no place on Earth, it is lively, exuberant and an excellent choice for active romantic escapes. Famous for its fantastic beaches and beautiful people, couples will undoubtedly enjoy the romance of sightseeing and experience a traditional Brazilian meal with your partner.

The Lake District

The Lake District has Britain's finest scenery, greenest countryside and grandest views. It’s a winning combination for those looking for intimacy and romance. In the UK, this could definitely take the top spot for most romantic. Check out our 5 most romantic cities in the UK here.