Your mate’s big day is drawing near; he will be married and walking off into the sun set soon, let’s give him something to remember you by. Now you may or may not be the best man. If you are that’s great, you have come to the right place…If you are the groom however, STOP! This isn’t for your eyes.

Here are our top 5 Stag Do pranks to help the best men give the lads something to remember.

#1 – You’re where?

Convince the stag that he is in the wrong place. Play on his stress levels by telling him to meet you all at the airport, call him and ask where he is, when he tell you his locals, question him and say “Gatwick? Dude we are all flying from Heathrow!” Remember to put your phone on speaker mode so all the lads can hear his priceless reaction.

#2 – Organise a stripper

I bet you are confused as to why this is a prank, it’s a classic, every man wants a stripper. But female strippers are so last year, don’t you think? Hire a bloke. Tell him you have got him a stripper and he needs to sit down for it, tie him to the chair and watch his cheek blossom as he notices the male stripper in the room.

#3 – Chains, tape or handcuffs?

I bet that sounded sexy didn’t it? Well this is far from it. Dare your stag to pull his trousers down in public; he’ll need to be pretty drunk to do this, so make it the last thing you do before heading to your rooms. Tie him, tape him or cuff him to a lamppost, gate or maybe even a city landmark. The pictures would be priceless. It’s a cliché but it is one for a reason; one of our favourites.

#4 – Waxing

After the perfect night out, the stag is definitely going to want a great night’s sleep; let him have it lads, it’s the wedding day in the morning, he needs his rest. But don’t let him get away with it that easily, stick wax strips to his chest before he wakes up and watch him squirm in the morning. And don’t forget to take pictures of your red chested mate in distress. It’s the only way to relive such hilarity.

#5 UV or not UV?
This is our final prank for you, UV felts; they are invisible right? Until you are in a club of course, write something embarrassing on his stag weekend printed t-shirt, or simply on the top he is going to wear on a night out. Make sure it’s really embarrassing and watch the people around you react while the stag is totally oblivious. You choose whether to tell him that night, or on his wedding day, I’d choose the latter or the two.Have fun!

And make sure that every prank you pull is safe your you guys and the people around you. Remember, no lasting scars, mentally or visibly.

And remember, for help with organising an amazing stag weekend, contact us or enquire on our website.

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