Stag Weekend organisers

Decided on a destination yet? Are there just too many possibilities? Let us as Stag Weekend organisers give you a more refined list of destinations to choose from. After all, there are only so many cities that cater for stag group activities and only so many destinations that will welcome the epic behaviour of the weekend ahead.

Barcelona - There are miles of golden beaches, amazing accommodation and restaurants, so the foundation is perfect. Barcelona has top notch adventures and activities within the city. It has a chilled out relaxed vibe, but during the night, the party pants are on and the vibe is electric.

Amsterdam - Amsterdam has a really bohemian feel. A city with a great arts seen, fantastic bars and clubs and of course the crazy Red Light District. It’s pretty raunchy here, there is a load to get up to whilst you are there, so if you are celebrating your last night of freedom, this is one of the most perfect places to do it. It’s the classic choice for stag parties, but nothing is stopping the ladies enjoying it as well. Amsterdam ticks all the boxes for a wild weekend. The attractions of the Red Light District may appeal to some.

Budapest - Budapest is such a beautiful city; it is renowned for shops, restaurants, markets and nightlife. For a stag weekend, we usually book 1 activity here and 2 VIP nights out, the city is bursting with things to explore and the lads usually want the time and the freedom to do that. You won’t see a lot of tourists in Budapest, so if you’re looking for a more authentic place to party, you’ve found it! The prices are cheap and the weather is amazing during the summer months, and those are 2 of the reasons why it’s made the list.

London – You guessed this one already didn’t you…we love London, and there are so many reasons why. The first reason being the activities here: paintballing, quad biking, any combat or motor activities in fact; as well as nightlife entertainment, strip clubs and casinos to enjoy. There are some amazing clubs and bars here too! The city has loads to offer, and as it’s our most popular destination to plan stag weekends for.

Marbella – The only way is Marbs! Marbella is a fantastic place to party; we love it not just for the luxury party scene, but for the luxury yachts, the spa culture and the beautifully white view of the town. Marbella has been described as the jewel of the Costa Del Sol it’s a stag weekend destination that oozes luxury and with so much exciting nightlife, vibrant nightclubs and impressive daytime activities, unbelievable views and of course, beautiful women.

Berlin - As one of the biggest and most energetic capitals in Europe, Berlin is a tour de force of fashion, culture, art, entertainment and hospitality, all pooled in to one dynamic and exciting metropolis. Berlin is a cutting edge city at the forefront of European trend setting, effortlessly dominating the European clubbing scene, and providing some of the best bars, restaurants, and hotels in the world.

And with a list full of diverse cities, what one do you like the sound of most? Comment below. And if you need help booking and organising your stag weekend, drop us a line using the contact form.