There are all kinds of hangovers and where as some of us experience just one, I have definitely experienced a fair few of the hangovers listed below, some are better than others...



When you wake up and experience waves of shame, that's when you know you have done something drunk and stupid, and before this, you never really experienced such a physical feeling of shame before. Shame waves often come after regrettable sexual endeavours. Sound familiar? Hen & Stag parties are of course, a breeding ground for this kind of hangover.


This hangover is similar to the shame; it is however, just a little sadder. Instead of complaining and moaning about how idiotic your behaviour was the night before, you are likely going to be sobbing at the thought of what foolish things you did last night. This is something you could most definitely experience after an awesome but regrettable stag/hen weekend.

No Talkie

This one is a very anti-social hangover, often experienced when you have a mild hangover, but then you have to go to work, or at least have commitments to uphold. Talking is just so over rated, peace and quiet is the only thing that doesn't aggravate you, am I right?


Big Munch

When you seriously wonder why they sell 20 chickens as a share box when that is simply your starter. You will feel alright, and have a nice time stuffing your face, until the next day when you realise you've eaten your weeks' worth of calories in one sitting. A 7 day diet is on the cards.


Convinced of death

I consider this to be the worst as it is a very physical hangovers, this is when you are actually feeling very sick, and the worst part is no one ever gives you sympathy - Because of course, you could have prevented it if you just didn't drink too much.


2 Day-er

It's often experienced the day after you were 'convinced of death'. You were so looking forward to this morning when you'd finally feel like you again, and then you didn't. Another day of groggy sensitivity...If anyone thinks you're going to be making pleasant conversation today is very wrong.


This hangover is always awesome when you wake up, because you feel fine...You think you've got away with it, you've avoided the hangover, probably because you ate that nutritious kebab last night. Everyone else is hungover and you are still in the party mood, except for feeling like the annoying friend, all of what you are feeling is positive. But of course, you are going to need to sober up sometime!


Delayed Reaction

And then it hits you. Just as everyone else is perking up, you start feeling very sorry for yourself. This isn't how it's meant to be, but it is. Especially terrible if you thought you'd got away with it and left the house to do something 'fun'.

Lover of Life

Okay, so this one is pretty good, you are not throwing up and you're hydrating yourself like a real adult... But of course you are also too slumped to do anything, but that's okay, 'Come Dine with Me' is on and you're hungover enough to sit and enjoy it. You have no commitments today and you feel relatively fine, this is the most blissful hangovers out of them all!


The Miracle

And of course, there are some people who are blessed with the rarest of hangovers - The miracle. When you wake up and you are totally fine, you're hydrated, you're happy and you remember the whole night. This is probably not going to happen on your hen/stag weekend, but you may have gotten out alive in the past.

Comment below and tell us what hangover you experience the most.