London City

London is our favourite place to party, ladies who are going to London for their Hen weekend usually booked activities like dance lessons for the ladies to have a laugh and learn something new; cocktail making for fun a quirkily cocktail ideas, and chocolate treat making, which is perfect for any lady with the love of chocolate and a cheeky glass of wine to compliment her new chocolate treats.

Hen Party dance lessons have proven to be really fun and successful at London hens. We cater for all different styles and themes of dancing, and have an excellent team of professional teachers and suppliers that can make your day a fun and exciting experience.

We have a huge range of lessons at our finger tips, you name it we can arrange it, from burlesque and pole dancing, to pop and hip hop styles, and we have them all. Each lesson begins with a small introduction to your professional dancer as they show you the sequence that you will be learning. The pieces they put together seem very intricate, but they will break each step up for beginners to find their way. Throughout this activity there will be loads of laughs and giggles as your instructor warms you up for the weekend ahead.

We can organise your very own private chocolate making workshop for you and your friends. It’s a delicious way to spend your hen weekend by making your own handmade chocolates. Get the secrets, get creative, and have lots of fun during this memorable and indulgent experience.

The workshop will begin with a treat, grab a chocolate, they will all look so irresistible. Your professional chocolatier will then introduce himself and tell you a little about your ingredients. There’s a lot you might not know about chocolate, he’ll be there to share his secrets. Have a laugh with the girls and enjoy being creative while bonding. Once you have made your chocolates, have a glass of wine and toast to the new beginnings.

Or if you prefer, we can organise a cocktail making class for your daytime activity, a champagne breakfast and then some cool and creative cocktail making, why not? It’s your Hen Party Weekend, you’ve got to do it right, right? Grab the girls and let’s get stuck in.

You’ll start with a display of cocktails and there ingredients below, you instructor with introduce them self and you’ll simple get started. They will tell you more about some of the most famous cocktails worldwide, and you’ll get the chance to taste some of the most popular. When mixing your own drinks, you will be shown techniques that compliment the cocktail in hand. Whatever you choose to do on your weekend, whether it’s a dance class, chocolate making or cocktail making, I’m sure you’re hubby to be will appreciate what you bring home.

There is so much to do in London, and if you’re not from the Big Smoke, even some sightseeing would be a great idea to get the girls together and bonding. And of course after the day activities, it’s time to party, and there’s nothing better than the VIP vibes in London. Contact us to find out more about how we can help organise your Hen Weekend and get you into the hottest clubs in London