beach sports day

Start your stag weekend with a competitive activity; beach sports day is fun and highly competitive. Enjoy the Olympic Games on the beach for your Stag Do weekend. It would be a great way of get the energy high and of course, separating the boys from the men. It’s one of our most recommended ways to bond with the lads before you venture off into couple hood later on this year. Where ever you choose to go, Barcelona, Valencia, Ibiza or even Brighton; as long as there is sand we can arrange it. Take part is some cool beach games and enjoy some friendly competition with your friends and family to kick start your stag weekend away.

The games that we put together are secure, challenging, fun and are suitable for everyone. The group will be divided into different teams. The teams will compete against each other in order to win as many activities as possible; pretty simple and extremely fun.

Stag group teams compete for points in various events including volleyball, beach football, jumping ball racing, swimming contests, a sack race, sand castle competitions and much more.

Full equipment and a range of refreshments are provided throughout the day, so all that you need to bring with you is your A-Game. Because, remember, if you are a part of the loosing team, they will never let you forget it!

After a busy day in the sun, you will soon hear your stomach start to growl and it’ll be time for a meal. And there’s nothing like a mouth watering barbeque to sink your teeth into. Delicious quarter pounder burgers, sausages, marinated chicken, ribs, kebab, you name it. I guess we can include a salad too, just for a contribution to your 5 a day. Don’t We are so good to you.

And if that wasn’t enough let’s take it to the clubs, what every beautiful and sunny destination you choose, we can arrange a VIP night out, walk right into the club like celebrities, enjoy your VIP area with bottles and bar service readily available.

Enjoying all this on a beautiful beach, and then having a VIP party when the day dawns would be perfect for celebrating your stag weekend, let us arrange your flights and enjoy sitting back and relaxing while we organise all the nitty gritty bits.

You only have a weekend, but we can turn that into memories that will last a lifetime.

We can arrange all the travel accommodation and activities, including a night of VIP treatment in a luxury club in the area.