Lap Dancing

It is important to stick to the rules of a stag do; it's practically bro code. So remember, what happens on the stag weekend stays off of Facebook, right? Check out some activities that most stags would love to keep secret!

Lap Dancing

If only for tradition's sake, you have to include a lap dance club on the stag weekend.

A strip club is of course a corner stone of an epic stag do, some might even say that, it is historically considered necessity. (There’s your excuse) It is something every man must do before you enter on the road to marriage.

Oil Wrestling

What better than a couple of gorgeous girls wrestling in oil? The ladies in bikini’s go head-to-head for 30 minutes in a pool of oil, sound irresistibly sexy? Well, after the girls get warm up, it’s your turn to join in! And of course if the stag is shy, use our man muscle to get him in the ring, he’ll thank you for it later.

Erotic Massage

The perfect ending to a wild weekend; what better than a few hot girls that are great with their hands. Your hot masseuse can get you totally relaxed, and after a weekend with the lads, you’re going to need it. If you want to give the groom a traditional stag night, erotic massage him up! He may not remember much about his stag but he will not forget the erotic oil massage with the sexy masseuse.

Sexy Hostesses / Maids

Getting a couple of sexy hostesses to join you on the stag party is the perfect way to send of the groom. These ladies can really add something to your night out or day time activity. They can assist you with a whole range of things, from fetching your drinks, to carrying your golf clubs, these girls are unbelievably handy, and of course, the eye candy is great! They can play mini stag games with you throughout the day and really give you the added kink to your stag weekend.

Erotic Show

Your best friend is about to embark on a journey, a journey that will bind him to never looking at other women again, it’s going to be tough; it’s your job to give him an experience that he will remember. An erotica show could be the perfect thing. During the show, strippers and porn stars get the audience revved up with their imaginative stage show, which your stag will certainly never forget.

We hoped you enjoyed our naughty stag weekend ideas, and remember, what happens on a stag weekend stays on a stag weekend!