When it comes to your hen weekend, it isn't all about pampering the hen and winding down before the big day. Some hens might like something more exciting, thrilling and more memorable. If you're looking for something more daring, then this is where you'll find it.

4x4 off Road Adventures

It's an unforgettable adventure while making your path through mud, sand, water and on steep inclines. A truly thrilling activity for those looking for adventures. Attempt this challenging purpose built off-road course. It's an amazing activity which will really test your driving skills and push your adrenaline to its limits.

Shoot 'em Up

You and the girls will get your hands on some real weapons as you head to the shooting range and try your hand at target shooting. You'll get a full safety briefing before you get to fire four different guns at a paper target and see who has the crack shot. This is something most people will never get to do in their entire lives, so it's a great chance to do something wild and unforgettable on your hen weekend!

Rage Buggy Racing

Karts are for wimps and Rage Buggies are where it's at. Get ready for some speedy and adventurous laps on our purpose built course. Use your powerful rage buggy to ride around some challenging tracks for a really exhilarating ride. These extremely powerful, huge two seater vehicles are the more powerful versions of go karts and they are built to withstand some hilly terrain. Get ready for some seriously competitive super buggy racing on a purpose-built track. Expect to get dirty.

Clay Pigeon Shooting

Clay pigeon shooting is more about skills than brawn and is a great way of helping your group bond. See who’s got the best shot in the group as you’re put through your paces by our professional instructors, as you learn to handle a shiny, double barrelled shot-gun. You'll soon by shooting like a natural huntswoman. Compete with your friends and count your accuracy points! (Loser buys the drinks)


Airsoft is like paintballing for those who like a little more power and impact. Your group will be split and compete against each other on our assault course, using some seriously powerful rifles in a variety of modes including semi-automatic. There will normally be in-game objectives for you to complete such as, capture the flag and infiltrate the enemy base etc. However the aim of the game is pretty simple, don't get shot.

White Water Rafting

This is a true test of team-spirit and courage, this is a far cry from theme park imitations as your crew, a wooden paddle and an inflatable raft are your only guardians against the raging elements. They even throw in a life jacket (if you ask nicely) - safety first on this hen do! Stay out of the rocks and work together to reach the end of the course.

If any of the activities above interests you, contact us now for more details. We can provide stress free organisation for your hen weekend, and the best part is, we get discounts all round.