Zorbing stag activity

Zorbing is the perfect activity for adrenaline junkies of all kinds. It involves being harnessed into a huge ball and attempting to compose yourself while moving through a course/activity. These courses and activities include huge hilled tracks, bodies of water, football and mini game challenges, like bulldog and crossbar challenges.

For a stag weekend, this activity is great, you’ll get the chance to bond with the lads and play some fun and unique sports. Whether you’re in the Zorb together, or going it alone, this unique experience will start your stag weekend with something to remember.

As seen on THE ONLY WAY IS ESSEX - Zorb Football is the most popular activity this year!

Get into your own zorb suit and get yourselves into teams, it’s time to get competitive!

Unlike usual football, zorb football does not involve tackling; instead, use your surrounding ball to run, jump and crash into your mates, until they are away from the ball. The bounce back is awesome and hilarious. Once you have sent them flying, control the ball, stop squinting your eyes with laughter and dribble the ball to go head to head with the goalie, but avoid all of the lads in their zorbs, because you too, can get sent flying.

If there are too many lads for one game, you will be split in to four groups and we will rotate the players so that everyone plays each team. You’ll be glad for the break, it’s a physical activity and taking a little breather will be just what you need before going against the stag.

When your stag group has finished football, you can take part in a few mini games before the end of your activity. Bulldog, last man standing and crossbar challenge, this is not only hilarious to play but it separates the winners from the losers; in other words, it creates more mocking material for the whole weekend. So if you think you have what it takes to stand strong while your mates jump into you, give it a go, it’s going to be an awesome experience.

If football isn’t your sport, why not try Water sports? Except, you won’t actually feel any water. Strap yourself into a zorb, and prepare yourself for total embarrassment. Water zorbing is one of the most difficult challenges we give to people, but if you’re up for the challenge let’s go!

You can choose to this one your own, with a mate or in a group of four. (Depending on your location)

Once you are in the Zorb, you will be pushed into the water. Firstly, try to stand and stay stationary for 30seconds. If you manage to accomplish that, well done to you, there aren’t many groups that can do it. Your next challenge is to walk 50 metres with the zorb. It is almost as difficult as littterally walking on water, but if you complete this you will earn yourself some lad points, and maybe even a free drink later. Even the lads with the toughest core cannot complete this, but of course, it’s all in the technique. If you think you have what it takes, let us know and you and the lads can be ballsing around in no time. (pun intended)

So, if either one of these Zorbing activities excite you, comment down below and let us know. We can arrange a stag weekend of zorbing for you and the lads, and the best part, it’s hassle free as we organise your accommodation, your activity and even your night(s) out!