When it comes to the best stag do destinations, Latin America has been on top of everyone’s list. From the amazing women to the epic experiences found in every city, Latin America never ceases to amaze. But the region is huge and with so many countries, it can become overwhelming to even try selecting a location. 

Not to worry, some of our more experienced and degenerate travelers have done ample research that will surely save you hours. We’ve put together a compendium of latin america’s best stag do destinations. But before we dig into them, we want to be perfectly clear and highlight 4 very important metrics that helped us reach this conclusion. 

1. First and most importantly, safety. A few cities in Mexico didn’t make the cut due to social issues that have affected safety. 

2. Activities. All of these locations are tropical, warm and packed with daytime activities that will surely satisfy even the pickiest of lads in your stag do crew. 

3. Women. Let’s face it, birds are the very reason why you’ll fly halfway around the world and the same goes for us. We’ve selected cities known for its amazing women. 

4. Nightlife. We’ve included places with great daytime activities so naturally we had to add an extra filter, nightlife and parties. 


Stag Weekends in Jaco

Ahh yes, Jaco Beach, Costa Rica. A legendary beach town where thousands of men are no longer allowed to visit. Why? For starters it is located in Latin America’s most famous country for these types of events, Costa Rica. 

This Central American country has been the home away from home and cause of perhaps hundreds of divorces for over 30 years. It is inexpensive, has amazing looking women coming from all over Latin America and the best part, it’s a beachtown with the jungle right next to it. 

The city is full of women that live and work there that are always looking for stag do party crews. There are huge mansions on the beach with 10+ bedrooms that not only make you feel at home but they also come equipped with professional chefs, cleaning staff and multiple lounge areas for any type of debauchery. 

During the day you have the option of ATV Tours through the jungle and yacht parties. Once the sun sets, these party friendly pads have easy access to the best bars and strip clubs to ensure crazy weekend trips. 

The only real downside to Jaco is that there is not too much to do aside from partying. Those looking for culture and mingling with locals will not find this here. 


Bachelor Parties in Medellin 

What is probably my favorite city in the world, Medellín, Colombia has received worldwide acclaim but for the wrong reasons. In the early 90s, Medellín was known to be the home of notorious narco kingpin, Pablo Escobar. But the city has come a long way since his death almost 30 years ago. 

We had the chance to visit Medellin about 5 years ago for my mate’s bachelor party and haven’t stopped thinking about a return trip. The city is in a valley with spectacular sites and mountains everywhere. 

If you like the latin look (who doesn’t), women in Medellin are likely the most beautiful in the world. They’re friendly, welcoming and are always up for a good time. Expect to listen to nothing but reggaeton so we recommend you brush up on artists like J Balvin, Maluma and Bad Bunny because that’s all they listen to there. 

As far as activities go, Medellin has ATV tours up the mountains and forests, boat parties out on a lake called Guatape (must do) and paragliding which is probably the closest a lot of you will get to skydiving. 

Medellin Nightlife is not to be messed around with. The 4 nights we spent in Medellin we stayed near an area called Parque Lleras where we witnessed probably the country’s most beautiful women. With bottles at a mere £70 at the top places, one can’t help but to give this city a second look. The best rentals are located just outside of the nightlife area. We booked a villa with an olympic sized swimming pool overlooking the city and underground nightclub built into it. 

Only downside to this city is the lack of an ocean. Our boat party on the lake was fantastic but we know many can’t do without a yacht party. Which brings us to the last location on this list...


Cartagena Bachelor Parties

We forgot to mention this list is in no particular order but to many, Cartagena, Colombia is possibly the best bachelor party destination in Latin America. 

The city is also a beach town and is a 35 minute flight from the previous city on this list, Medellín. 

Cartagena is Colombia’s most frequented city by tourists and features a walled part of the city that is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The walled city center has beautiful spanish colonial architecture that has been remodeled just enough to accommodate the high demand of tourists. Tourists coming from all over the world looking for the perfect Colombian stag holiday in a villa like no other. 

In Cartagena you can rent a villa in the old city, a penthouse near the beach and even have the option of renting an entire island for your holiday!

As far as women and activities in Cartagena, the city has so much culture within the walled city that we doubt you’ll want to do anything other than day drinking at one of the many bars. There are amazing day clubs and pool parties on the various surrounding islands. 

The best daytime activity for your Cartagena Stag Do is without a doubt a yacht party. For a few hundreds pounds per person you can rent a 60 foot azimut yacht and island hop with your mates. A few hundred pounds more will bring you a professional on-board chef to make sure the very little you’ll be eating will actually be enjoyed. 


Stag Weekends

There you have it, boys, 3 destinations for stag weekends in Latin America that will surely have you wanting to get married again, and again. We recommend you visit Costa Rica between May and August and Colombia’s weather is so hard to predict that anytime aside from April (easter is dull) and December (everyone goes on holiday). All of these locations have been approved by our very picky crew of stag do connoisseurs that look for any excuse to take these kinds of trips. 


So if you wish to learn more about bachelor party destinations or if you even want to keep it closer and explore memorable stag do activities in Ibiza, feel free to contact us today.