A water sports

Okay, first things first. Let’s get to what I really mean, and not what your mind suggested. A water sports filled weekend. There are ideas for stag weekends that you have not yet explored, water sports is one of them. And there are so many to choose from, check out some of our favourites.


Chances are you’ve seen this on TV. In short, wakeboarding is a surface water sport which involves attaching yourself to rope and riding over the water behind a boat, griping at the handles for stability. I bet you can guess what types of ingredients went into this aquatic sandwich - water skiing, snowboarding and surfing. It’s totally exciting and totally intimidating at the same time, do you have what it takes to stay straight and up right against the snarling sea waves?


This is something a little different for a stag do, it isn’t exactly our most popular group sport, but it’s definitely something the lads can enjoy. Canoeing is a great idea for getting you and your mates in the water, on what hopefully isn’t too much of a cold day. But don’t worry about that, the professionals will make sure you don’t end up without a paddle. (or will they.) Canoeing is great for seeing the area around you and if you do it in the right area, there are secret caves and cliff edges on the way.


For a chill activity in the daytime before heading out for your big weekend, why not go fishing? It’s is a very popular activity for the lads and something that gives you some chill time with your best mates before the big day. You could call it the calm before the storm? With a few beers, the right equipment and a fried fish lunch afterwards, it’s the perfect relaxing activity for your stag weekend.

White Water Rafting

So, to sort out the men from the boys, we have just this thing. White water wafting is a sport only for lads who love a bit of rough and tumble. Stag do’s are usually about stitching up your mates and competing but here you’re all working together, in order to get through it, you will soon see you’ll need a combined effort. Then after all that adrenaline-pumping camaraderie, you can get back to the banter.

Scuba Diving

Divers are cooler than ordinary people, it’s a well-known fact. They get to see parts of the world that we normally never see. Well, this is your chance. If you’ve chosen a coastal location for your Stag weekend, let’s check out where they offer scuba diving. We will make sure to combine the fun of your stag weekend with the absolute awesomeness of scuba diving.


This activity is a lot harder than it looks; we’ll award 10 man points to whoever can actually master the art of water-skiing on the Stag weekend. No points to the Stags if they already have experienced this. It is a difficult activity, but one worth trying. Crashing into the water is all part of the fun, and the satisfaction you will get from mastering it will be outstanding. It’s something most stags do, just for the fun of the fall.

We have so many water sports available for you to check out on our activity page, let us know which ones you have tried before and how well you did. They are all pretty fun for both beginners and experts, try them out. And don’t forget to share your water sports experiences on the comment bar below.