streets in Paris

Wonder the cobblestone streets in Paris, watch the sun rise reflect in the Seine, and get up to date with all the girls on your trip to Paris. The beauty of this city will sink deep into your heart and you won’t forget a moment of it. It’s just what you want for your Hen Weekend. But what do you do once you’re here? You have limited time ahead, you’re going to want to use it wisely. Here are a few ideas and tips on where to go and what to see on your trip to Paris.


1.Let’s start with something Iconic, but not too obvious. A historical Paris attraction: the Louvre is both art museum and former palace, with giant staircases, elaborately decorated ceilings and ore striking design. The beauty of it all will provide you with the magic; every European reveller is looking for in France.

The Louvre Museum is the largest art museum in the world and the home to two of the finest paintings I know; The Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo, and over 30,000 other impressionable exhibits. Plan your trip before you venture here, you won’t want to see everything, and you may quickly become tired as the museum is gigantic.

2.Notre Dame. The Notre Dame another iconic attraction of Paris. It lies in the true heart of the city. With so many people visiting the Notre Dame Cathedral of Paris unforgettable setting on the Seine, it has always been one of Paris top attractions. Exploring Paris with the girls will most definitely be rewarding if you come see the monumental architecture of this building.

3.The Eiffel Tower.Of course the Eiffel Tower is a must see in France. It was built by the French engineer Gustave Eiffel , he spent several years building the Eiffel Tower as a monument for the World Exhibition in 1889. Today, it is without doubt one of the most recognizable monuments in Europe, one that can be compared to the Statue of Liberty in New York, Big Ben in London and the Taj Mahal in India. Getting a ticket and venturing to the top of the tower is a must while in Paris. Seeing the city from such heights is magnificent, and definitely something all the ladies will remember.

4.Place du Tertre. Renoir, Dali and Van we not strangers to the town square, they displayed art here many times, offering to do portraits of visitors to the district. Every inch of allowable space contains an artist now, supplies, samples and canvases of every imaginable art form are displayed throughout the street.

As you walk through you’ll be cocooned with works of art hanging on ropes, easels, display cloths, and even from trees. But be careful before buying here, some are original pieces however some are prints, if you’re looking for the next Dali, you’ll have to have your wits about you.

5.See the Seine River in the evening, cruise along the river, watch the sun set on the water as it glistens, sip some champagne and enjoy a meal with the ladies to celebrate your hen weekend. This is the most popular and enjoyable way to spend a hen weekend evening in Paris. It’s fun, it’s different and it’s beautiful. You even have the option to indulge in a meal here, enjoy the Parisian cuisine and you’re taken through Paris on a lovely cool evening.

Paris is really amazing this time of year, the dim evenings and city lights create such a magical atmosphere, and the architecture is just magnificent. I really do recommend you do the 5 things suggested above as they really do paint a great picture of Paris. Alternatively, check out more hen weekend ideas here…